Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

  • Posted onDecember 26th, 2011

Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

For those looking to enjoy some local company during their Bangkok stay, finding a hotel where any potential guests are both appropriate and permitted can often be of concern, especially if you are looking to stay in more stylish, top-end accommodation. While Bangkok does have a reputation for its hedonistic nightlife and very ‘friendly’ locals, there are still plenty of hotels where local guests are not permitted. To help you find appropriate accommodation here are a few of our recommended guest friendly hotels:

What is a guest friendly hotel

Firstly, let’s clear up what we mean by ‘guest friendly’. While some hotels will allow you to bring a guest back for a ‘joiner’ fee (which can be anything from 300 to 1500 Baht per night), we only consider a hotel to be guest friendly if you are permitted to bring at least one guest back to your room at a time without incurring any additional charges. Some guest friendly hotels may allow you to bring a single guest back to your room for free but charge for any additional guest brought to your room at the same time. In every case we have tried to give an accurate description of our recommended hotels’ guest policies, but please be aware that these policies may change over time and to avoid any nasty surprises it is always recommended to email the hotel in advance and get their guest current guest policy in writing.

Furthermore,  to avoid any possible charge, you can book your hotel with occupancy of 2 adults. Surely this way the hotel is obliged to allow escorts to enter your room without any charge.

Our current favorite guest friendly hotels in Downtown Bangkok
Aloft Sukhumvit 11
Grande Millennium Sukhumvit
The Continent
The Intercontinental

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff  if you have further questions or would like one of our knowledgeable receptionist to suggest you a suitable hotel which meets your specification. The following is a small list of guest friendly hotels we have compiled. Please note, the list only contains hotel in the Sukhumvit area.

Majestic GrandeSoi 2No Charge
Landmark HotelBetween Soi 4-6 (on Sukhumvit main road)No Charge
Grand President Service ApartmentsSoi 11No Charge
President SolitaireSoi 11No Charge
Centre Point SukhumvitSoi 55No Charge
Royal PresidentSoi 15No Charge
President ParkSoi 24No Charge
J. W. MarriotSoi 2No Charge
RembrandtSoi 181,400 THB
Nana HotelSoi 4No Charge
The DavisSukhumvit Soi 24No Charge
DreamSoi 151 lady No Charge, 2 ladies 1,000 THB
Royal Benja HotelSoi 5500 THB
The Ambassador BangkokSukhumvit Road650 THB
The ZenithSoi 3500 THB
Bel-Aire PrincessSoi 5900 THB
Westin GrandeSukhumvit 19No Charge

JW Marriott Hotel

The JW Marriott has long been popular with Bangkok’s big spenders who enjoy meeting pretty locals. It has a study reputation for its friendly, helpful, and ‘open minded’ staff, as well as being right in the heart of the Bangkok neon nightlife. The rooms are large, clean and still somewhat luxurious despite the age of the hotel, with facilities including a tranquil pool and poolside deck, and a popular roadside cafe.

Guest Policy: The JW Marriott permit residence to have up to three guests in their room at any time, free of charge (which should be enough to cater to most people’s thirst for adventure!).

Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel

Large luxury rooms with beds that threaten to send you into a coma, you really do get what you pay for at the lavishness Westin Grande Sukhumvit. Located by the Asoke junction you are in the heart of downtown Bangkok, well connect to all major parts of the city while being next door to the trendy new mega mall, Terminal 21. Staff are friendly and resourceful, and shouldn’t even batter an eye-lid at those bringing company home for the night.

Guest policy: Bringing one guest back to your room at any time is permitted free of charge but each additional guest will occur a charge of 1100 Baht.

Grande Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel

Another luxury hotel located at the popular Asoke junction, the Grande Millennium is about as stylish and contemporary as Bangkok hotels come (or anywhere in the world for that matter). Not only is this a very modern and chic boutique hotel, but it also has a great ‘homely’ vibe to it, with staff known to treat all guests with the utmost warmth and respect.

Guest policy: Overnight guests are very welcome at the Grande Millennium Hotel but all guests must hand over a valid form of ID to the hotel staff on entry (for the security of both the hotel and the resident).

Fraser Suites

The Fraser Suites has quickly gained a reputation amongst single gents visiting Bangkok for its excellent customer service and warm staff. Rooms are large and luxurious with lots of modern decor and amenities, as well as all the facilities you’d expect of a top-end hotel while remaining surprisingly affordable (and great value for money). Set down the lively Sukhumvit Soi 11, several of Bangkok’s top clubs, trendy bars, and chic restaurants are just a very short walk away.

Guest policy: All additional guests are welcome to the Fraser Suites free of charge.


  1. Kenneth says:

    I stayed at the JW Marriott in Aug. 2016 and the staff is extremely guest friendly. I had access to the executive lounge and was afraid that the staff would treat her poorly but it was the opposite. It was very obvious that I was enjoying the company of professionals because during my two-week stay, I had seen 4 different girls. They never seemed to care. They always greeted her and talked to her the same way they would talk to any guest. After becoming acquainted with the staff, I even chatted with the lounge manager and she said that as long as the girls carry themselves well, they are always welcome.

  2. hakon says:

    Hello – I will be in Mandison Suites on Sukhumvit Soi 20 – is this a guest friendly hotel?
    Thank you!

  3. Harvey Wells says:

    Hi was thinking of staying in the New Icon Hotel Soi 2 . Is it guest friendly for your lades to visit.

  4. Hakon says:

    I will be staying at Somerset Sukhumvit Thonglor – will your girls be able to meet me there?

  5. SL says:

    Is Aetas Bangkok Hotel guest friendly?

  6. brahim says:

    Is the Eastin Grand Hotel in Sathorn guest friendly?

  7. Paolo says:

    Is Hansar Hotel guest friendly?

  8. Luca says:

    The Okura Prestige is not guest friendly,is it true?

  9. Adrian says:

    Is Mandarin Oriental guest friendly?

  10. Daniel says:

    @Kevin – Stayed there few months ago, was guest friendly and good location (y)

    How about Mode Sathorn Hotel, anyone know about this hotel?

  11. kevin says:

    Does anyone has experience staying in Lit?

    Maya know anything about LiT Hotel?

  12. fraser says:

    is the royal orchid sheraton guest friendly?

  13. John Deere says:

    Hi, is the Meridien Bangkok is guest friendly ? thanks

  14. Sam says:


    Do you know if Viva Garden Serviced Residence is guest friendly?

    Thank you

  15. Lone says:

    Is Luxx Lang Suan guest friendly? Will i have to book for 2 adults?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lone, The Luxx Hotel in the Langsuan / Chidlom area is guest friendly and you only need to book for an occupancy of 1. Although, no harm in booking for occupancy of 2.

  16. Fred says:

    Is The Sukhothai Bangkok guest friendly hotel.

  17. John says:

    Is I-Check Inn hotel Nana on 7/1 Sukhumvit guest-friendly? It is a fairly new hotel.

  18. Naughty boy says:

    Lohas Suites Sukhumvit by Superhotel Japan is girl guest friendly …please advise

  19. david says:

    Hi how about the novotel 5 minutes from Bangkok international airport is guest friendly hotel or not


  20. Helmes says:

    Is Novotel on Siam Square guest friendly ?

    • Maya says:

      Novotel on Siam Square is certainly a guest friendly hotel. It is also located in an excellent location, right in Bangkok’s shopping area.

  21. sam says:

    Is the Renaissance girl friendly?

  22. D Mor says:

    Is Aloft Hotel in Soi 11 guest friendly for 2 ladies?

  23. Luke says:

    What about the Landmark Hotel?

    Some ppl told me that they’re sometimes charging JF lately, sometimes not…

    • Maya says:

      Hi, so far we have not had a client that has been charged for having a guest. It would be best to email the hotel and ask for their definite policy.

  24. David Stiller says:

    How about girl policy on Amari Atrium?

  25. Jameson says:

    Do you know if the Vic3 Hotel (Phaya Thai) is guest friendly?

  26. Ketil says:

    Hello, Would you happen to know if Jasmine Executive Suites is a GF hotel ? Thanks

  27. Arshy says:

    which hotel near world trade center is guest friendly?

    • Maya says:

      The following hotels are close by the world trade center and are guest friendly:
      – Centara Grand Central World
      – Hyatt Grand
      – Four Seasons
      – St Regis
      – Siam Kempinski

      There are many more that are guest friendly and is within the area of the world trade center.

  28. visitor98 says:

    What about the new Marriott apartment hotel close to the Thong Lo BTS?
    ADDRESS: 2 Soi Sukhumvit 57,Klongtan Nua, Wattana, Wattana, 10110 Bangkok

    • Maya says:

      Hi, All of the Marriot’s in Bangkok are guest friendly. Therefore, I do not see why the new one is not guest friendly. There should not be any problems, especially if you book the room for 2 adults.

  29. James says:

    Any experience with Bless Residence on Soi 33? I sent them an e-mail asking if there is a joiner fee. No direct answer, just that the guest leaves their ID at the desk. Also is the 24 Inn at Phrom Phong station GF?

  30. sarun says:

    is immfussion sukhmvit, soi 50, girlfriendly hotel ?

    • Maya says:

      Immfusion suites in sukhumvit 50 is an escort friendly hotel. 99.9% of the hotels in Bangkok are guest friendly. The official policy of a non-guest-friendly hotel may state that they are not a guest friendly hotel but when someone is visiting you, they just turn a blind eye on that policy.

  31. Jay L says:

    I understand Fusion Suites also escort friendly – is that true?

  32. Jazz says:

    How about S15 hotel ?

  33. alfred says:

    Hi Maya…one more inquiry.


  34. Nick says:

    Hi is hotel arcadia suites ploenchit guest friendly ?


    • Maya says:

      The Arcadia Suites is a guest friendly hotel. There will not be any problems for our escorts to meet you directly in your room.

  35. alfred says:

    Are these hotels guest-friendly? Thanks

  36. fanhung says:

    W Hotel, guest friendly?

  37. Nick says:

    Is Centre point sukhumvit 10 guest friendly ? Thanks

  38. Frank says:

    Are there any guest friendly hotel by the Airport? How about Ploy Khumthong Boutique Resort
    1194/5 Soi Latkrabang 40/2, Latkrabang district Latkrabang, Bangkok 10520?

    • Maya says:

      Most hotels by the airport are guest friendly. Novotel Suvarnabhumi is an excellent hotel and is a guest friendly hotel. Also, there should not be any problems for our escorts to meet you at the Ploy Kumthong Boutique. Vismaya Hotel Suvarnabhumi is another hotel we have had good experience with.

  39. Alucius says:

    Is the Hope Land Executive Residence Sukhumvit 46/1 guest friendly?

    • Maya says:

      Hope Land Executive is guest friendly and there will be no problems for our escorts to meet you directly in your room.

  40. WF says:

    Do you know if Adelphi Suite is guest friendly? Thank you

  41. CB says:

    Is the Bangkok Intercontinental friendly for escorts as I am coming in Nov ? Thxs in advance.

  42. chomi says:

    never had problems at shangrila and peninsula. book always double occ.

  43. Jack says:

    Amari Watergate Executive floor?

  44. Larry says:

    I will be staying at the Four Seasons. Can I bring one of your ladies for an evening or should I book it for two. Please advise as I am making final reservations tomorrow. I will be there on Aug 26-31 and definitely want to book in advance. Thank you very much in advance

  45. eric says:

    is the Majestic Grande hotel ok (room for 2)?

  46. John says:

    Hotel Conrad?

  47. dan says:

    do you know if The Lit will allow escorts?

    • Junior says:

      There should be no problems for you to bring an escort to your room at the Lit, especially if you book your room for 2 adults.

  48. steve says:

    How about the girls policy in the new Sofitel Sukhumvit? Is it possible to check-in with the girls if booking for 2 days and nights?

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