Partying on Sukhumvit 11

  • Posted onFebruary 21st, 2013

Partying on Sukhumvit Soi 11

bed1Sukhumvit Road is brimming with fantastic clubs, bars, and nightlife activity, not content to be bustling with chaotic road and foot traffic throughout the day, upper Sukhumvit takes things up another notch after sunset, as street markets become street bars, who fight for concrete space with an army of fried food vendors and mobile cocktail vans. It seems like every soi and side soi from Nana to Asoke is exploding with drinking holes, sports bars, and neon nightlife.

However, there is the one soi that best marries Sukhumvit’s cosmopolitan spirit with its determination to party from dusk to dawn, and that is Soi 11. Home to an enticing mix of western style pubs, chic bars, dodgy street hawkers, snazzy restaurants, and world class clubs attracting notable international DJs, Sukhumvit 11 always seems to promise and deliver a great night out.

Few Bangkok sois outside of Thong Lor can claim to be as trendy or glam as Sukhumvit 11, and many avid partygoers now choose to start and end their night within this one cool and crazy street. To help you get a taste of how things go down on Suk 11, here are a few of my favorite venues on the soi:

Kicking off with some food and entertainment..


ZanzibarAlmost hidden in a small jungle, set on the grounds of a converted Thai house, Zanzibar is where you take a date you’re looking to impress. It’s cool, it’s romantic, and it’s not cheap! The restaurant has a very laid back vibe, much helped by the sexy sofas and late night live jazz, and a menu consisting of tasty Italian and Thai fare.

The pre-club drinks..

Cheap Charlies

cheap-charlies-barThe name says it all, Cheap Charlies is infamous for it’s cheap and cheerful drinks. This somewhat shabby wooden shack of a bar has been an institution of the Bangkok bar scene for many years now,  set amongst some of Sukhumvit’s fanciest clubs, hotels, and restaurants, it still maintains a cult like following with an army of expat regulars and in-the-know clubbers looking for some fun banter and affordable pre-dance drinks.

The Alchemist Bangkok

the-alchemist-bar-bangkokAn alternative choice to the popular Cheap Charlies, The Alchemist also offers affordable beverages in a very unpretentious setting. This bar just off Suk 11, hidden down a small cul-de-sac on the left as you head away from Sukhumvit Road. Not quite as cheap as Charlies, but drinks are more than reasonable in comparison to its other noisy neighbors, and they also play some cool tunes to get you in the mood.

Partying ’til the early morn..

Q Bar Bangkok

qbar-bangkokAnyone who is anyone in Bangkok will know (and have visited), Q Bar. It’s one of the staple clubs of the Bangkok nightlife scene, slick, sexy, and always filled with attractive people from around the world. The reputation is such that you can guarantee the club to be solidly packed out at the weekends with star DJs laying down the tunes, and at least one Thai music or TV star trying to hide in the crowds. The club starts the afternoon off as a lazy lounge bar which morphs into one of the city’s busiest and best clubs heading towards midnight. This is no place for your holiday shorts and sandals, it’s very much dress to impress and those not looking the part are unlikely to be let in. The venue is way down the end of the soi, so if you’re on a soi 11 bar crawl make sure to pace yourself, this is one clubbing experience not to be missed.

The Bed Suppercub (CLOSED)

bed-superclub-sukhumvit11Q Bar’s long standing rival for top dog on the soi, the Bed Supperclub is another venue with a big reputation on the Bangkok clubbing scene. It’s hard to miss this bizarre looking building, designed more like a craft from a star trek movie than a nightclub, but inside you’ll find a very warm and down-to-earth atmosphere, far less snobbish than some of the other big bars in the capital. As well as being one of the top dance venues of Bangkok, Bed Supper also has a fine restaurant with a decent menu of Thai and international dishes, as well as plenty of bar snack for those suffering from the midnight munchies.

Sadly, word is that Bed Supperclub will be closig it’s doors for the final time late Augist (2013), so make sure to visit this Bangkok clubbing institution before it’s too late!

Levels Sukhumvit 11

levels-nightclub-bangkokSomewhat in the shadows of Q Bar and Bed Supperclub, Levels is still managing to punch it’s weight and attracts good crowds with its multi vibe concept. Here you’ll find a chilled terrace bar, classy cocktail lounge, and a booming dance room, all connected in essentially one large space. you’ll also hear a variety of music genres, and apart from special event nights entry is generally free!

Chillout time..

The Nest Bangkok

nest-bangkokThe Nest is Suk 11’s favorite rooftop bar, set on top of the stylish Le Fenix Hotel, down the far end of the soi, close to Q Bar. Nest does exactly what it says on the tin, offering the ideal spot to sink into a comfy chair, sipping on late night cocktails, lapping up some soft chill out tones, in the face of a cool evening breeze and a stunning backdrop of downtown Bangkok. Some choose to come here to start their evening and soon find themselves too comfortable to leave, others come here with no intention to leave in the first place.

Other places worth checking out n Suk 11..

Firehouse Pub & Restaurant

The German Beer House
Australia Bar
Zak’s Wine Bar


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