TOP10 Bangkok Spas

  • Posted onFebruary 10th, 2013

10 top Spas in Bangkok

hyatt-spaYou’re unlikely to visit many cities in the world which will take your breath away in the same way as Bangkok can. The Thai capital truly is a city that never sleeps, from the early morning monks collecting alms at the crack of dawn, the hordes of market dwellers and early morning shoppers mingling with endless amounts of tourists and office works throughout the day, to the wild nightlife that draws drinkers, clubbers and socialites out in their droves until the early hours of the next day, and that’s not even mentioning the almost never-ending traffic jams that fill many of the main city arteries. However, in juxtaposition to this is a very spiritual and soulful heartbeat of the Bangkok, one built around ancient traditions of meditation and massage, today mixed with a booming wellness and spa industry combining age-old knowledge and practices with modern remedies and treatments.

Bangkok now has a weighty reputation as one of the leading spa, wellness, and massage destination in the world, boasting a high number of luxury resorts and day spas offering the best in treatments and therapies. Wellness and relaxation is everywhere you look in this city, with pampering and massage seen as a revitalisation of the soul, and at the centre of Thai religion and culture. Theose looking to indulge will have no problem finding a massage or pampering session to suit thier budget, at times it seems like there are massage shops and day spas on every street in town, the dilemma will be which one to choose.

To help you find the best spa in town here is a quick list of 10 of the best Spas in Bangkok:

The Ananda Spa

Often referred to as the best Spa in the city, and it’s hard to argue against it with a wealth of tempting treatments available, including scrubs and wraps for those in the mood for a make-over. You’ll know you are in for some serious pampering as soon as you enter the scented lobby, with VIP rooms available for those looking for some serious indulgence. The Ananda Spa can be found at the President Solitaire hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Banyan Tree Spa

Not to be outdone is the Banyan Tree Spa, found at the luxurious Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn Road. Perhaps not for those with a phobia for heights, this lavish, exclusive day spa is perched high up on the 21st floor, offering a range top-end treatments to a backdrop of stunning city views.


The CHI spa is for those looking for more of a spiritual experience. Set in the elegant Shangri-la hotel, CHI is of the same sophisticated look and vibe, offering exercise hydrotherapy, meditation and relaxation based around the Chinese philosophy of ‘chi’, meaning life energy. Treatments here encourage movement in a way they believe channels the body’s natural energy with both physical and mental results.

M Spa

The M Spa, located at the Four Seasons Hotel, is a spa all about luxury and exclusivity, with massage treatments offered in private suites or out by the tranquillity of the pool. The suites really are fancy and can only put you in a very chilled and relaxed state of consciousness, with lavish decor and a Romanesque style hot tub and steam room at your private disposal.

Hapa Spa

For a more modern massage experience the Hapa Spa is not to be overlooked. While much of the decor and design has a very traditional Eastern flavour, the treatment menu is all about science, with modern concepts and products married with traditional standards. The Hapa Spa can be found on Sukhumvit Soi 3.

Leyana Spa

Leyana Spa has a great vibe and aura, with a very modern set around peaceful greenery and gardens. Further helping you become ‘one with nature’, the range of top end products used at the spa are contain plant extracts and other natural ingredients.

I Sawan Residential Spa

Situated among the gardens of the Grand Hyatt Erawan, the I Sawan Residential spa promises to be a heavenly experience, built around a concept to recreate the ‘fifth level of heaven’.  Not just a spa, the I Sawan also offers fitness facilities, an impressive restaurant and  accommotdation.

Photalai Spa and Wellness Center

Found at the Potalai Leisure Park, the Photalai Spa is all about getting back to the roots of ancient Thai massage and wellness traditions. Associated with Wat Pho, Bangkok’s oldest temple, this is more than just a spa, this is an educational journey through Thai massage culture.

Rarinjinda Spa

A very modern spa with lots of impressive state of the art technology and equipment while staying true to the ancient arts of Thai massage and pampering. The Rarinjinda Spa has won several prestigious awards for its high standards of service and luxury treatments and setting.

Oriental Spa

Another spa with global awards the Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel has built its spa treatments and therapies around holistic philosophies, supported by lots of natural herbal remedies. A day at the Oriental Spa is a very special experience, beginning with a short boat ride across the river.

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