Vegetarian Food in Bangkok

  • Posted onFebruary 10th, 2013

Veggie Bangkok

Cabbages-and-CondomsFood, food, and more food, it’s hard to go hungry in Bangkok with restaurants, bistros, and food carts on just about every soi in the city where there’s human life. For the hungry and daring, eating your way through Bangkok can be a fantastic voyage of exotic taste and smells, but there are those who choose to be far more conscious and calculated about what they put in their mouth, in particular vegetarians and vegans who might expect a challenge in finding acceptable menus among the kitchens of the big mango.

The good news is that although Bangkok may seem home to a carnivorous population, with meat the key ingredient on almost every traditional Thai dish, the city is also home to a number of popular and exciting vegetarian restaurants. Many of these meat-free menus go far beyond the usual Thai dishes substituting meat with tofu, with some interesting and unique twist not only on the local plates but with many international cuisines too.

From Chinese to Indian, Italian to Thai, there are plenty of dedicated vegetarian restaurants to indulge in some serious gastronomy tourism during your visit to Bangkok. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

New Arayaa’s and Dosa King

The majority of Bangkok’s Indian restaurants have a decent sized selection of veggie dishes on their menus but New Arayaa’s and Dosa King are pure vegetarian.

Both restaurants have extensive menus, with New Arayaa splitting their dishes into Southern and Northern Indian cuisine, while the Dosa King has a decent selection of vegan dishes too.

Both restaurants can be found on Sukhumvit Road close to the Nana BTS station, with New Arayaa’s by the entrance of Soi 8, and Dosa King almost opposite, just a few meters down Soi 11/1. If you’re in need of a super fast veggie fix, New Arayaa’s have also opened up a small eatery within the Nana BTS Station.

May Kaidee

Set in a small shop-house close to the backpackers haven of Khao San Road, May Kaidee has built up a rather cult following among the deadlocked travellers and gap year students of the area, to the extent that they now have a second branch in Bangkok and a third in Chiang Mai, as well as their own cooking school.

May Kaidee has a very reliable menu with lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes covering all the Thai classics, from pad thai to som tom, and all your favourite Thai curries.

You’ll find May Kaidee on Tanao Road, with a second branch just across the Samsen Canal on Sam Sen Road.

Govinda Italian Restaurant

Despite the Indian sounding name, Govinda is all about hearty Italian cuisine, and it’s totally veggie friendly!

Using soy cheese and egg free pasta, expect plenty of vegan plates too, with some of the dishes so damn tasty even the most carnivorous of customers will find themselves in for taste treat and questioning the meat cravings. The pizza’s are known to be particularly delicious.

You can find Govinda on Sukhumvit Soi 22, a short walk from both Asoke and Phrom Phong BTS stations.

Ethos Khao San Road

Another restaurant close to Khao San Road, Ethos is very much the hippies choice and thought of as an oasis of calm. With lots of big comfy cushions, moody lighting, friendly staff, and a constant piping of world music, Ethos is the perfect hideout from the manic scenes of Khao San (and just about everywhere else in downtown Bangkok).

The vibe and atmosphere are great, but what really counts in a vegetarian restaurant is teh menu, and Ethos have it covered with a huge selection of dishes available. From a selection of cuisines from around the globe, and lots of local favourite,  you are sure to find something here to get excited about. They also have a large selection of veggie and vegan breakfasts, and a drinks section which takes up 10 whole pages of the menu.

You’ll find Ethos on Soi 1 Tanao Road (also knowns as Veggie Street), just behind the Burger King at the end of Khao San Road.

Cabbages and Condoms

Not strictly a vegetarian restaurant but the Cabbages and Condoms do have a large selection of unique veggie and vegan dishes on their menu, making it an ideal eatery for those eating out with meat hungry mates.

Don’t expect a full on spread of vegetarian options, but vegetarian dishes you will find here are more than just meatless Thai dishes, supplied to keep the meat haters quiet. One look over the menu and you are sure to be left tingling with anticipation over the delicious and inventive sounding recipes. Save a little room for dessert as you’ll also discover a very decent sized menu of Thai sweets.

Cabbages and Condoms can be found on Sukhumvit Soi 12, with menus available in advance via their website.


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