Vertigo & Moonbar @ Banyan Tree

  • Posted onFebruary 11th, 2013

Vertigo & Moon Bar @ Banyan Tree

vertigo-moon-bar-banyan-treeFew venues of Bangkok marry suave sophistication with urban cool as well as the Vertigo & Moon Bar on the 61st floor of the capital’s plush Banyan Tree hotel. This is where Bangkok’s successful expats and well-to-do Thais go to experience fine dining, sip on an imported red wine, nip on a fine scotch whisky, or just knock back an ice cool Singha beer to stunning views of the city.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to impress a date or simply unwind after a long day of business or shopping, the Vertigo & Moon Bar gives you the ideal locale to do so. On offer is a laid back vibe and classy atmosphere, set to the breathtaking backdrop of downtown Bangkok, with undisturbed view of this wild, sleepless city. Of course, there are no shortage of rooftop bars in central Bangkok, along with its concepts malls and temples, the city is vertigo-moon-bargaining a positive reputation for the sky bars which are dotted around key parts of the capital, but few are as popular and well loved this one.

The bar and restaurant take up almost the entire area of this long roof space, with lots of room for both romantic and discreet dining, or more vigorous  socializing, with the restaurant and bar areas connected by way of an open-air bridge which seems to hover magically over the city below. What makes this rooftop bar stand out from its neighbours is the design which seems to eliminate almost all obstruction and offer 360 degree views from the entire dining space and most of the bar area.

Where is it?

banyan-tree-hotelVertigo & Moon Bar can be found on top of the Banyan Tree hotel located at the heart of Sathorn road, what some call the Wall Street of Bangkok. This upper class avenue is dotted with a number of top end hotels and shiny 21st century skyscrapers and within walking distance of the epic Lumpini  Park, and the bright neon lights of the Silom area.

The name Banyan Tree is already one associated around the world with style and luxury, and this hotel is no exception. The cool and classy atmosphere start from the lobby where you can take a speedy lift all the way to the 60th floor and the much liked Bai Yun Chinese Restaurant. Walking passed the restaurant you’ll find a flight of steps which lead you up and out to Vertigo & Moon Bar.

What’s on the menu?

The Vertigo restaurant is all about fine dining, so expect a bill a little more than your average Bangkok bistro. In return you’ll find a menu serving some outstanding imported steaks and lamb, as well as a noteworthy seafood selection. While some may be a little put off by the high prices, considering Bangkok’s rep for value-for-money dining, here you’re not just paying for the meal on your plate, but also a feast for the eyes too, and a vibe and atmosphere like no other.


The best time to start your dining here is just before sunset, and doesn’t everyone know it. The restaurant is often busy by 7.00 pm, so it’s best to arrive before 6.00 pm to guarantee a good, romantic seat. It’s also strongly recommended to ring ahead (Tel: +66 (0)2 679 1200) if you want to guarantee a seat at Vertigo, especially during monsoon season (June to November) or on overcast days, rooftop bars do have its drawbacks, and the bar and restaurant will shut early on rainy days/nights, moving everything down to the far less impressive dining room below.

Vertigo & Moon bar is open around 7.00 am until 1.00 am 7 days a week. The dress code is very much smart/smart casual (don’t expect to gain entry in shorts  and flip-flops).

Vertigo and Moon Bar (Official site)


  1. Rodger says:

    Definitely a place I will be visiting with one of the V Girls

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