5 amazing Bangkok meals

  • Posted onMarch 7th, 2013

1-blue-skyIf you’re a regular Thailand visitor or have read our Veggie Bangkok and Five Thai dishes to die for articles then you’ll already have a good idea of the wealth of fantastic Thai food that can be found in Bangkok city. When it comes to taste treats there really are very few places on the planet that are in the same league as the Thai capital.

Eating out is an integral part of Thai culture, whether you are a local, an expat, or tourist, there are masses of restaurants to suit every budget imaginable, making it generally cheaper to eat out than cock at home. However, while there are so, so many amazing cheap restaurants and incredible street food options, everyone deserves to splash out on a special meal every now and then, be it to celebrate with friends, catch up with family, or woo a hot date, Bangkok has all the bases covered.

To help you find that special meal, here are a few of Bangkok’s best dining experiences:

vertigo in BankokRooftop Dining at the Vertigo

Way up on the 61st floor of the classy Banyan Tree hotel, the Vertigo offers rooftop dining with breathtaking, uninterrupted 360 degree views of central Bangkok. Chic, cosmopolitan, and somewhat romantic, this is a great place to share a memorable night with close friends, enjoying exotic cocktails to help wash down the delicious seafood.


A Dinner Show at the Sala Rim Naam

On the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the Sala Rim Naam is Bangkok’s most impressive dinner show, with scenes of beautifully choreographed traditional Thai dance, and athletic, high octane battle scenes recreating epic moments in Thai history. The decor and menu are as stylish and epic as the performances, making this the ideal setting to mark an important family get-together.

pataraFine Dining at the Patara

If you need to impress a new date then there are few places better suited than the suave and swanky Patara restaurant. Set in an elegant, restored 1970’s Thai building with lots of evidence of colonial French influence, here you’ll discover a menu of five-star contemporary Thai dishes, created with skill and passion. Don’t expect it to be cheap, but do expect it to be one of the most memorable meals you’ll experience, whether you remember who you shared it with or not.

bangkok_blueelephantTraditional Dining at The Blue Elephant Bangkok

If you need a classical and classy dining experience then look no further than the Blue Elephant. Set in a truly stunning, graceful colonial house, you’ll feel like a member of royalty as you are waited on hand and foot by the highly trained waiting staff. The food always manages to deliver on the promises made by the decor and vibe, with a selection of contemporary and classic dishes created by a team of award winning chefs.

loveModern Romance at In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love pays tribute to the 2000 romantic Hong Kong movie of the same name. This sushi bar with a difference is such a cool and funky twist on traditional romantic diners, it could only be set in the trendy neighborhood of Thong Lor. With lots of cosy, intimate seating, and a cocktail list as exciting and inventive as the sushi, this is a venue perfect for re-sparking a faltering romance.


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