The A to Z of Bangkok spa treatments

  • Posted onMarch 21st, 2013

Thai massageBangkok is awash with spas, massages shops, and wellness resorts, with everything from basic oil massages and pampering to the latest innovative treatments. Whether you are looking for a spot of ‘morning after’ club rehab and recovery, or a thoughtful way of getting to know a new found lover, there is a treatment out there to suit every occasion (and most budgets too), the trouble is knowing just which treatment you are looking for.

To help you decode the city’s many spa menus, here’s an A to Z of Bangkok spa treatments:


Aromatherapy is an alternative type of massage treatment which uses liquids extracted from plants (essential oils), in order to influence your mood and health.

Blood-type therapy

A modern, innovative spa concept becoming popular in the Asian market, blood-type spa treatments are designed around the belief that our different blood-types react uniquely to different nutrients and lectins. Blood-type treatments uses specific products dependent on your blood-type, with benefits said to be both mental and physical.


A very spiritual and new-age treatment which uses the ancient belief and knowledge of gemstones and their energy and healing powers, believed to be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The healing focuses on the body’s 7 energy centres, known as the chakars, with crystals placed on different points of the spine.

Thermotherapy (Heat treatments)

Thermotherapy is the practice of using wet or dry heat to improve the body’s blood circulation, sooth muscles, and clear toxins from the body; it’s also particularly relaxing. Thermotherapy is usually done through steam rooms, saunas, or through the use of hot stones.

hot stonesHot stone massage 

A form of thermotherapy and detox, hot stone massages work by placing smooth, heated stones on different parts of the body to create a warm and relaxing sensation. The stones help to clear the body of unwanted toxins, while relaxing the nervous system in a rather pleasuring way.


Reflexology is a physical massage, quite similar to Thai massage, where pressure is applied to the feet and hands to effect other parts of your body, such as your organs, glands, tissue, and muscles.

Swedish MassageSwedish (oil massage)

Swedish massage is often referred to as an ‘oil massage’ in Thailand, and probably more popular than Thai massage in most Bangkok spas. It’s pretty much your standard massage, using oils combined with techniques to rub and apply pressure all over the body, encouraging blood flow and soothing muscles.

Thai Massage

Thai massage uses an ancient combination of acupressure and yoga type positions to stimulate areas of the body, encouraging the release of tension and healing aches and pains. It’s believed that when done correctly, Thai massage connects the body, mind, and spirit through it’s channelling of energy.


Wraps are a beauty and detox treatments which can also easy aches and pains in joints. The basic concept of wraps is to encourage the skin to absorb certain minerals, with different minerals having unique benefits, but in general the therapy helps to cleanse the body of toxins and firm up loose skin.

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