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  • Posted onApril 18th, 2013

CHI suiteSpas and massage shops in Bangkok are two a penny, with a wellness resort or Thai massage available on almost every soi in town. Don’t get me wrong, having a massage is a great way to unwind after a heavy day of shopping, or the perfect start to some morning-after rehab after exploring the clubs and bars of the capital, but on some occasions you want some serious pampering and nothing but the best will do.

Among the spas of Bangkok you’ll find some of the top spas in the word, award winning resorts with guru type instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, presenting high-end health philosophies and wellness concepts. One such spa resort is CHI, found at the plush Shangri-La Hotel.

CHI tubThe vibe

CHi is a world unto itself, a spacious 1000 SQM sanctuary built using Buddhists principles, styled on an imaginary post-modern Tibetan temple – this really is a true haven of tranquillity, giving you an instance massage of your sense from the moment you enter. It’s clear no expense has been spared, with the soft split-face stone coming direct from a region of the Himalayas. You’ll also notice the relaxing fragrances, as burning incense and aromatic oils drift all around you.

The great thing about CHI spa is that so much of what you see is also available to buy, from the luxury bathrobes you are given to wear, made from 100% chenille microfiber, to the jade tea service and hand crafted healing stones. You can quite easily spend much of your time shopping for spa gifts with their exclusive range of lifestyle accessories.

Hot StonesThe treatments

The decor, the vibe, the wealth of luxury accessories are all great, but what it really comes down to is the quality of the pampering – and CHI doesn’t disappoint.

The philosophy here is that of ancient healing traditions and remedies originating from China, Tibet, and the Himalayas. ‘Chi’ is the word and symbol which represents the universal ‘life force’ or ‘life energy,’ and is believed by many to be at the core of every living thing. CHI spa sticks closely to the philosophy that one’s chi must be allowed to flow freely around the body, and CHI have designed a range of treatments based around the five elements of ‘chi’, wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. The aim of each treatment is to balance positive yang and negative yin energy, and create harmony in one’s body.

CHI BangkokWhether you are a spiritual person and buy into these philosophies or not, this is still high quality pampering and luxury setting, including nine private suites, herbal steams and bath tubs, with every room having sweeping views of the river. For the ultimate spa experience you could book the garden suite, the largest spa suite in Bangkok, featuring its own garden set within an infinite bath/pool.



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