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  • Posted onMay 20th, 2013

While the modern mega malls of Bangkok have turned the city into one of Asia’s premier shopping destinations, Thai fashion has also found itself in the global spotlight, with celebs such as Kay Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Michelle Obama owning dresses by some of Bangkok’s leading fashion designers.

The great thing about the current standing of Thai fashion is that unlike many top designers and ‘must have’ labels in the west, original and unique Thai fashion can be bought at a fraction of the cost, and even some of the outfits and accessories from the biggest names in Thai design still remain affordable to the average Thai tourist.

To help you navigate the malls and find some of the best Thai designers, here is a brief guide to the names to look out for and where to find them:


Disaya studied fashion in London and her designs are known for infusing tradition Thai grace with British practicality. Her work ranges from outrageous party gowns to fashion conscious office wear. Her most famous outfit can be seen worn by the late Amy Winehouse on the front cover of her ‘Back to Black’ album, whilst other notable fans of hers include Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne and Agyness Deyn.

You can find Disaya at Siam Paragon, Gaysorn, The Emporium, and Centralworld.


Flynow is an institution of Thai fashion, having launched thier small ladies’ wear collection back in 1983, going on to become Thailand’s first fashion label to gain international recognition. Flynow cater to those looking for smart and sophisticated outfits and accessories, tailored in an avant-garde style. They also currently have a sister brand ‘Chamnan’ which caters to the younger, hiso fashionistas.

You can find Flynow at many of the city’s malls including Siam Paragon, Gaysorn, The Emporium, and Centralworld.


Another longstanding name on the Thai fashion scene, Sretsis has been around for well over a decade. Sretsis, which is sisters backwards, is a team of three sisters whose obsession with silks and satins has brought a number of glamorous collections to the stores of Thailand. Sretsis pride themselves on high quality garments, with much of their work hand-finished, by way of their large team of dedicated seamstresses found at their Bangkok base.

Sretsis can be found at Siam Paragon, The Emporium, and Gaysorn.


For something more dynamic and eye-catching you might want to seek out Zenithorial, one of Bangkok’s most iconic fashion brands. Zenithorial are known for their use of dynamic colours, vivid prints, and sharp lines. These garments stand out on the pegs and are not for those looking to blend in with the crowd. They also have a popular line of men’s wear which manages to bring their own twist to classic black, grey, and white schemes.

Zenithorial can be found at Gaysorn.

Its Happened to be a ClosetIt’s Happened to be a Closet

Despite the bad grammar this bizarrely named fashion brand has gain an international reputation for their quirky and unusual outfits. Picture lots of vibrant colours and whacky shapes and you’ll be thinking along the right lines. These are outfits for individuals who want to be noticed, making a loud and proud fashion statement. They have also brought out a sister brand, Palette, offering a range of more affordable items based on their biggest selling outfits.

It’s Happened to be a Closet can be found at The Emporium, and on Siam Square Soi 3.



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