The best of Bangkok street food

  • Posted onMay 2nd, 2013

Street food BangkokI doesn’t matter whether you are living in Bangkok on a tight budget or hanging out in the hi-so hot spots of town, it’s your loss if you don’t explore some of the magnificent street food available in the city. Often referred to as one of the best cities in the world for food (if not the best), much of that reputation can be put down to the amazing variety and quality of street food available throughout Bangkok.

Finding a decent street meal in Bangkok isn’t that hard to do – where there are people there is grub, and even in the dingiest of alleys and curb sides you are likely to find a portable kitchen cooking up something to get the senses tingling. However, while good street food can be found all over town, there are certain sois and neighbourhoods that have built up a reputation for top notch street grub, and if you want to indulge in some serious street eating, these are the places you need to be hitting:

Yuumy Bangkok street foodYaowarat Road

Better known as Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat is as chaotic as inner city streets get, partly down to the mass of street-side kitchens, food hawkers, and hungry patrons. People travel from across the city and endure manic traffic (both on the pavement and road), just to get their hands on a bowl of Chinatown street food, with dishes such as kuay jap noodles, roasted duck, and bird’s nest and shark fin soup being among the favourites.

Once you are here try to avoid the lure of the many red and gold Chinese restaurants and don’t be afraid to head down a dirty looking alley to see what’s on offer, some of the best hawkers can be found just off the main strip, plying their trade in the shade.

Bangkok street grubSukhumvit 38

Opposite Soi Thong lo, Sukhumvit soi 38 is where you’ll find Bangkok’s upper class customers dining next to working class patrons, all enjoying the wealth of tasty food stalls and menus available out on the street. Things get particularly busy (and tasty) during the evenings, which is without doubt the best time to head here (with a hungry belly).

You’ll find lots of classic Thai dishes available, from papaya salad, fried rice dishes, noodle soups, curries with rice, and pad Thai, you should easily find something you’ll love. There’s also a great range of fresh fruit, and a delicious fresh smoothie is never far away.



Soi Ari

With somewhat of a more suburban feel, Soi Ari (Phahon Yothin Soi 7) is a street food paradise, with hordes of food carts spread around offering a variety of snacks and meals, including several vegetarian options also available. Here you’ll also find lots of cafes and shop house restaurants which spill out onto the street side to complete the ‘grub street’ vibe.

Soi Ari is best experienced in the evening, though throughout the day you’ll find lots of food available, and from the Ari BTS station all the way to Saphan Kwai, you’ll see plenty of food stalls and street restaurants to whet your appetite.


Street Food BKKRatchawat Market

Slightly off the tourist tracks, in the green Dusit area of Bangkok you’ll find the Ratchawat Market, perhaps the best market for food in the city. This isn’t your typical Bangkok neighbourhood, and the area itself is rather pleasant, with canals, parks, and tropical gardens creating a slightly European vibe, and making for a somewhat less manic market compared to others in capital.

Here you’ll find food for your weekly shop as well as lots of bites, nibbles, and full on meals to eat there and then. Must try food include the roasted duck, which is said to be the best outside of Chinatown, the kobe beef noodles, and stir fried curry shark.




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