Pantip Plaza: The Computer City

  • Posted onJune 21st, 2013

Pantip EntrancePantip Plaza isn’t the most modern mall in Bangkok, nor is it the prettiest, in fact it’s kind of an eyesore on the ever busy Petchaburi Road, yet this long standing IT mall is infamous among Bangkok’s locals and shoppers. So what makes Pantip such a popular mall, especially considering Bangkok has no shortage of IT malls, and a dedicated IT floors and stores at almost every shopping plaza in the city..

While other malls specialize in IT or offer an entire floor dedicated to tech and gadgets, no one quite does it on the scale of Pantip Plaza. Pantip is what you might call epic. It’s also infamous for having everything you could want (tech wise), and at a fraction of the cost most other malls are charging. Ask almost any Bangkokian where you can purchase the latest gadget, get new software, or fix your notebook and the words Pantip Plaza are likely to roll of their tongue without a second of thought.

However, Pantip isn’t just about getting the latest new tech and upgrades, the biggest draw for many is the mass of counterfeit and pirate goods available, including DVDs, software, and even black market hardware. Hence the reputation for low prices.

IT CityThe anchor stores

While the mall is predominantly made up of small stalls, kiosks, and independent electronic stores, Pantip does have 2 major IT stores within. Data IT can be found on the mezzanine level and IT City is located on the fifth floor. IT City is a pretty big and impressive and a great point to start if you are seeking genuine hardware, looking to avoid the counterfeit goods. It’s also far less chaotic than the lower levels with the staff well trained in English and customer services. They are also good at offering advice and you’ll find most major IT brands sold in the store.

Pantip PlazaHardware..

Hardware is spread throughout the levels of Pantip Plaza with types of hardware broken down into three categories, new, second hand, and counterfeit. Most stores and stalls will focus on just one, and some will stock a favourite brand, but no matter what you are looking for, computing, cameras, printers, audio equipment, games consoles, the Pantip Plaza will have it covered.

Counterfeit software is perhaps the biggest pull of the mall, windows, mac, phone software, games, DVDs, CDs, if it can be burned onto a disc or uploaded via cable then you should be able to find it somewhere in the mall. The majority of software can be found on the lower floors, and while there are shops that sell original copies of software they tend not to do good trade, and often don’t have the latest versions.

Pantip FoodFood and drink

The mall has its own food court on the mezzanine level and second floor which mainly focuses on traditional Thai dishes, but you may find it’s not quite up to the standards of other Bangkok food courts. There are also a number of restaurants on the ground floor and by the entrance, including KFC and S&P, and several food carts lining the streets by the entrance.


PantipWhile this isn’t Bangkok’s most impressive mall in terms of concept, design, or aesthetic, for tech lovers and those looking for the latest software a trip to Pantip Plaza promises to be a memorable experience, albeit a pretty manic one.


Pantip Plaza is open daily from 10 AM until 9 PM, though many of the store don’t open until around 11 PM and most will be shut by 8 PM. For more information visit the Pantip Plaza official site


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