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  • Posted onJuly 8th, 2013

Night - Live MusicFollowing up from our ‘things to do’ blog on Chiang Mai, we thought it worth adding something about the nightlife. Now while Chiang Mai is generally thought of as one of Thailand’s most peaceful and cultured cities, that’s not to say it’s void of good nightlife.

From live music and late night clubbing to night markets and explore some after-dark nature, there is almost as much going on around midnight as there is during the day. Here’s a brief guide to some of our favourite nightlife activities in Chiang Mai:

nightLive Music

Head across the River Ping, just to the west of the night market, and you’ll find Charoenrat Road, running parallel to the river. Here you’ll find a number of fantastic live music venues, offering lots of cool jazz, reggae, blues, rock, and soul.

Most bars are resto-bars and offer lots of decent an yummy food too. This whole strip is very laidback and a great place to end a day of site seeing, with great music, fantastic food, and some wonderful riverside views.

Night - beer barsBars & Pubs

As well as the atmospheric riverside bars there are also plenty of other areas for pubs and beer bars in Chiang Mai. The old city has a nice rooftop bar by the Tha Pae Gate, an Irish Pub on Ratvithi Rd, and several hippy hangouts, with lots of lounge seating, ambient music, a great place to put a cap on the day.

If you want to take things up a notch then head to Loi Khor Road were you’ll find several Thai beer bars, with lots of friendly local girls on staff. Here you’ll also discover the C.M. Entertainment complex; a small collection of beer bars set around a Muay Thai boxing ring.

Night clubbingClubbing

For those who want to get serious with the partying then there are also a few late night clubs worth noting. Most of them can be found on Nimmanhaemin Road, Chaing Mai’s most trendy hangout, lined with chic bars and clubs, as well as lots of arty venues, cafés, boutique shops and some nice hotels too.

Two of our favourite clubs here are Monkey Club on Soi 9, and Warm Up, opposite Soi 17. Though both clubs are closed by 2 AM, you should be able to find some nearby late night drinking spots if necessary.

Night - MarketChiang Mai Night Bazaar

Away from drinking and dancing, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is the place to shop (and eat! AND DRINK!), and perhaps our favourite night time spot. It’s great for doing some late night bartering and some quality people watching. It also has a very cool and chilled vibe, with a vast number of stalls spread over several streets of the city.

There are loads of food stalls and bars around the market too, so you’ll have lots of places to  take a load off your feet and refuel.

Night safariChiang Mai Night Safari

Perhaps the most unique night experience is the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Modelled on the Singapore Night Safari, this multimillion dollar government project was aimed at boosting tourism to the city. Whether it worked or not I’m not sure.

The idea of the park is to tour through large animal enclosures in trams and by foot, allowing you to feed the wild animals and even pet some of the tiger cubs. There are also some laser light shows and a dancing fountain to add to the entertainment. It won’t be for everyone, but it makes for an interesting alternative way to end the day.

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