Finding good beer in Bangkok

  • Posted onJuly 29th, 2013

Beer BangkokFinding beer in Bangkok is not an issue, from the airport lounge through to your hotel mini bar, you’ll see Singhas, Tigers, Changs, Heinekens, and San Miguels a plenty. There are bars and boozers far and wide, on almost every soi. Bangkok has to be one of the cities with the most pubs, beer bars, taverns, and clubs in the world, not to mention the hundreds of curb side bars and converted VW vans which serve cool beers deep into the night.

Now, while you may not have trouble laying your hands on an ice cool beer in Bangkok, for true connoisseurs of the amber nectar and delicious dark ales, you may have to work a bit hard to find more unique beers and select draughts. To help you get started, here are a few of our favourite Bangkok beers and where to find them:

The LondonerLondon Pilsner 33 @ The Londoner Bangkok

Found on Sukhumvit Road close to the corner of soi 33, the Londoner is a proper English style ‘local’ serving top notch beer, pub grub, and a selection of bar games. Attracting a very mixed crowd of regular expats and in-the-know tourist, the Londoner also host regular live music and stand up comedy nights. However, what really makes this a pub to point out are their own brand of beers brewed down below in the basement, including London Pilsner 33 and Londoner’s Pride Cream Bitter.

Of the two our favourite is the London Pilsner 33, a golden lager topped with white frothy head. It’s known for its sweet taste and slightly bitter aftertaste.

TawandangTawandang Lager @ Tawandang (Rama 3 Road)

On Rama III Road, to the south or Sathorn, you’ll find the large German styled beer hall known as Tawandang. With over 1500 seats all laid out in the shape of beer keg, and a stage active throughout the night with tradition Isaan music and dance performances, this is a very fun and lively joint, more suited to outings with friends and colleagues rather than dates or romance. Managed by a professional German brewer this microbrewery also produces several beers and lagers made from imported ingredients all the way from Germany.

Our favourite beer here is the Tawandang Lager Beer. A hazed blonde lager with thin off-white head, it has crisp malty taste with slight herbal tones and smooth aroma of chalky hops. It is 5% in strength.

Old german beerhouseErdinger Weisbier @ Old German Beerhouse

The Old German Beerhouse is a restaurant and tavern which attracts a pleasant crowd of expat and holidaymakers, for its rather laidback atmosphere, hearty home meals, and dedication to providing some excellent beers. Such is the international appeal that you’ll find the huge menu translated into 5 languages. As well as drawing in lots of friends and couples of the selection of Thai and European dishes, the drinks menu includes some unique beers such as the Warsteiner and the  Erdinger Weisbier.

We are big fans of the Erdinger, a very hazy yellow beer with a nice frothy head. It has a yeasty, malty taste with a hint of Banana, and a slightly sour aftertaste. It’s also known to be a very refreshing beer.

HOBSHoegaarden @ House of Beers

A trendy Bangkok boozer set among the hip hangouts of Sukhumvit soi 55, House of Beers (HOBS), has a very serious collection of beers and lagers on offer including no less than 22 Belgian beers served in a choice of mug or stein, to optimise both the taste and experience. This European style beer garden also has a fine selection of bar snacks and pub grub and attracts a somewhat youthful, professional crowd.

One of our favourite beers from back home, the Hoegaarden is a very yeasty, tart beer, cloudy yellow in appearance, with a light white head. Somewhat dusty on the tongue, it delivers a creamy, wheaty taste.


  1. Bangkok is home to some fantastic theme pubs, ranging from traditional British and Irish pubs to various sports bars, such a The Game Sports Bar & Grill (located on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 9). For a more upmarket experience try The Huntsman Pub in the basement of The Landmark Bangkok Hotel. All of these bars and pubs have a wide range of beers, both local and imported from around the world. Cheers!

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