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  • Posted onJuly 18th, 2013

thai restaurantWhen it comes to eating local, most of us don’t hesitate to indulge in some Bangkok street food or seat ourselves at a non-descript Thai shop house restaurant, expecting a tasty meal, and rarely being disappointed. However, if you are one who seeks the finer things in life and are looking for a 5-star meal in luxurious settings, this is a city that has plenty on offer.

Dining out in style in Bangkok doesn’t necessarily mean picking from international or fusion options, some of the finest and most classy restaurants in town are now more dedicated to traditional Thai menus, some of which are aiming to keep age-old recipes and Thai cooking techniques alive, showcasing the best of Thai cuisine.

La na ThaiLan Na Thai

Set in the cool and captivating Face Bar complex on Sukhumvit 38, Lan Na Thai can be found on the 1st floor up, near to the entrance. Though they are open briefly for the lunch menu, Lan Na Thai is best experienced in the evenings when the menu and atmosphere will surely charm you. Halogen lamps set the mood, and light up the classic Thai decor, creating a classical romantic dining room.

The menu is divided by preparation methods, and includes lots of yummy curries, stir fried and deep fried plates, plus a selection of salads and veggie dishes for those on a calorie count. Most of the dishes are classic Thai, based more around simplicity and perfect, created from high quality ingredients.


Located on Thonglor 19, such is the reputation and success of this upscale Thai restaurant, they now have branches open in London, Geneva, Vienna, Beijing, and Singapore. The Bangkok branch is set in an elegant dining room with contemporary Thai décor, and a notably welcoming staff.

While basing their menu or modern Thai cuisine, Patara continue to build their dishes around classic Thai flavours, with the majority of plates born from the imagination of Khun Patara Sila-On, an experienced and popular Thai chef also known for her warmth and hospitality (hence the restaurant name which translates to mean ‘gracious lady’).

baan khanithaBaan Khanitha Bangkok

With branches now on Sukhumvit 23, 53, Sathorn Road, and at the chic Asiatique Riverfront mall, Baan Khanitha is a tried and tested set of venues for quality Thai dining. Each Baan Khanitha is very stylishly decorated in a post-colonial style, with the Sukhumvit 23 and Sathorn Road venues done out very classically and grand, and the Suk 53 and Asiatique dining rooms taking on a slightly more contemporary look and feel.

The menu is very much Thai classics, sticking to age-old recipes and cooking techniques. However, this isn’t just your average Thai restaurant, each Baan Khanitha has a team of chefs trained to the highest standards, and you can be assured only the best quality ingredients are used.


Found on Sukhumvit soi 26, Bo.lan has been built around the philosophy that setting, location, and staff are a key part of a traditional Thai restaurant, which go hand-in-hand with the menu itself. The decor is very much contemporary meets classic rural Thai, with lots of features made from palm leaves and other natural Thai resources.

Bo.lan boasts two skilled chefs who originated from Nahm restaurant in London, and the menu reflects their creative flair, while setting out to safeguard the heritage of Thai cuisine. In line with the philosophy of the restaurant the dishes are based around seasonal ingredients, with the menu changing quarterly.

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