How to spot a ladyboy

  • Posted onSeptember 27th, 2013

We often get messages from customers asking if any of our girls are Thai ladyboys. Firstly I can say that none of our girls are (or ever have been) a ladyboy. We only have 100% female escorts.

However, we thought we’d write a little piece to help some of you sort the ladyboys from the real girls, as anyone who has even been to Thailand knows, it’s not always easy to tell!

The figure

The best way to see if the girl in front of you is a lady or ladyboy is to study their figure (though, try not to get caught doing so!):

Is she tall?

Thai girls are generally shorter than western girls, with the average height of a Thai girl being around 157cm, and few girls above 170cm. Ladyboys on the other hand are typically much taller, and can often be found wearing high heels!

Does she have large breasts?

Thai girls are not known for their large breasts, however, many of Bangkok’s ladyboy are, with implants being one of the first operations a ladyboy will buy. While more and more Thai girls are having breasts implants these days, large silicon breasts are usually a warning sign, especially if the girl is keen for you to give them a squeeze!

Does she have very small or very large hips?

Ladyboys tend to have two types of hips; those who have not had any hip implants will typically have very small hips (though some ladyboys will get around this by wearing padded underwear), while those who have had hip implants tend to overdo it and have unnaturally wide hips.

ladyboys 3Does she have large hands and feet?

Perhaps the best physical give away is the hands and feet. While surgery can alter most of a ladyboy’s features, there’s little that can be done to the hands and feet. If the girl you are looking at has particularly large hands or feet the chances are she was born a he.

Her Mannerisms

If you still can’t tell if the girl in front of you is a lady or ladyboy, it’s time to watch her interacting with others.

Does her voice sound unnatural?

Most ladyboys will have either a masculine sounding voice or an unnaturally high pitched voice. Some ladyboys allow their voice to be naturally deep while others try to train their voice to be much higher, but as a result it can sound kind of strange (as if she’s sucked on some helium).

Is she very animated?

Thai woman are typically know to be somewhat discreet and reserved in every day conversation (unless they are angry of course!), while ladyboys are typically very animated and use a lot of hand gestures. If she is walking watch how she moves. Does is seem kind of exaggerated? As if she is on a catwalk (the unofficial ladyboy motto is surely ‘life is a catwalk’).

Ladyboys 1If you are still not sure and need to know if this is a lady of ladyboy just ask!

But be warned: while some real girls will take it as a compliment to be asked if they are a ladyboy, some will not, and you may find yourself wearing your drink as you watch her walk away.

If you find yourself getting serious with a girl whose gender you are unsure about there is one final way to check (other than reach down between her legs – she may even be operated on!) – and that’s to check her ID card. Even if she is the most feminine looking and sounding person you’ve ever met, if she is Thai and was born male, her ID card will still say Mr instead of Miss.


  1. Rick says:

    Another sign, ask the to hold their arm out straight, 90% of women can extend their arm perfectly straight and the inside of their elbow will be flat, men cannot unless they are double jointed.

  2. Tony says:

    Oops did I just let the cat out of the bag?

  3. Tony says:

    I am an expert in spotting ladyboys, If it’s the best most perverted sex you’ve ever had its a ladyboy!

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