Bangkok New Year’s Resolutions

  • Posted onJanuary 12th, 2014

Yoga 2014 is here, and after partying the night through at Bangkok countdown (and recovering from the mother of all hangovers), it’s time to get to work on those New Year’s resolutions. This year, why not get some inspiration from Thai culture and take on some resolutions which will not only change your life, but one’s which you can actually stick too! Eat healthier with the Thai Diet

Food is a huge part of Thai culture and you’ll see restaurants, food carts, and street hawkers on just about every populated stretch of pavement in Bangkok. Despite the wealth of food and eating you’ll witness in the city, most locals look slim, fit and healthy. So what’s the key to eating Thai style? It’s quite simple; smaller portions, lower quantities of meat, lots of spicy food, and plenty of water, all of which help to improve metabolism and increase your body’s ability to burn calories. You don’t even need to eat less if you do it right. Forget those blow-out meals and large dinners, instead opt for several smaller meals evenly spread throughout the day (every 2.5 to 3 hours is a good target). Also, be sure to take advantage of all the fresh produce available in Thailand, opting for delicious fresh fruit and veg over processed meals and fast food.

FitnessGet fit!

It’s a common New Year’s resolution and one which most people fail to keep going, but Bangkok is the perfect place to change those lazy habits and get fit. While the city has a number of fantastic gyms and sports parks, you don’t need to splash out the big Baht for a place to work out. Take the time to explore some of the city’s amazing parks, some of which have free workout areas and outdoor fitness classes. Don’t be surprised to find large groups of Thais doing a spot of outdoor aerobics and yoga. Don’t be shy, slip into your favourite spandex and join in!

See friends and family more

How often do you promise yourself to contact family back home more regularly or spend more time with your friends? It’s easy to say it, especially when drunk and/or emotional on New Year’s night, but the truth is many of us get so busy with work and play that we forget to call back home or make time for regular meet ups with friends. This would very much be frowned upon by local Bangkokians. Thais value family very highly. Many will regularly take time out of their day to call back home or visit friends. It is never seen as a chore to keep in contact with a loved one, and simply regarded as one of life’s pleasures.

Thai airwaysTravel More

There’s no excuse not to travel if you are based in Bangkok. Not only is public transport cheap and frequent (with several major bus stations spread around the outskirts of the city, linking you to just about every other major Thai city or place of interest), but Bangkok is now one of Southeast Asia’s biggest travel hubs, with affordable flights to so many of the neighbouring countries, and internal flights which are cheaper than a taxi ride across London.

Mai Pen Rai

If you are struggling to stick to physical resolutions, why not take on a new attitude. Mai pen rai, which basically translates to mean ‘never mind,’ isn’t just a common phrase you’ll here in Bangkok but a way of life. Just been stood up on a date? Mai Pen Rai. Left your sunglasses in the taxi? Mai Pen Rai. Caught in horrendous traffic? Mai Pen Rai. Life is good. Smile. Bangkok is one of the greatest cities in the world, with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (and some of the hottest girls!). Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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