Satisfying you sweet-tooth in Bangkok

  • Posted onMarch 19th, 2014

Thai SweetsMuch is said about Thailand’s savory cuisine, and many travelers will return home from Bangkok raving about the amazing curries and rice dishes they encountered, often craving them for days, weeks, and months to follow. However, little is said or heard about Thai sweets and desserts..

For those visiting Bangkok in search of a sweet fix, don’t threat, there lots of delicious, sweet snacks and dishes available, from the hoard of street food hawkers to rooftop restaurants, you’ll find lots of tasty Thai sweet treats. Here are a few of our favourites:

Banana RotiRoti Kuay (Banana Pancake)

Made to order, you’ll see lots of banana pancake stalls spread around the streets of Bangkok. Here you’ll likely get to choose from a number of toppings often including fresh mango, raisins, and even Nutella chocolate spread.

Often sold for as little as 30 Baht, these pancakes are extremely popular with Thais and tourists, but be warned: These thin crispy crepe-like pancakes are extremely sweet even before they dribble over lots of condense milk!

Coconut IcecreamLim Kati (Coconut Ice Cream)

While shaved ice cream is all the rage now, you just can’t be the more traditional Thai style coconut ice cream, served in a coconut shell with lots of coconut flesh still lining it and topped  with further loose coconut. You’ll usually get the option to add further toppings such as sweetcorn, jelly, and mung beans.

Coconut and coconut milk can be found in a number of Thai desserts, but coconut ice cream is my personal favourite. Again, this dessert can often be found street side for as little as 30 Baht.

Banana FritterKuay Tod (Banana Fritters)

As with coconut, Banana can also be found in a number of traditional Thai desserts. Perhaps the simplest and most common are banana fritters. These treats are made from those small chubby bananas, which are deep fried in a batter mix of palm sugar, sesame seeds, and coconut oil.

More typically served along the pavements of Bangkok during the mornings, this is a rather crispy snack, with a sweet, soft centre. A bag of which will cost you around 20 Baht.

Mango  Sticky RiceKhao Niew Mamuang  – (Mango Sticky Rice)

It’s almost impossible to list Thai sweets and desserts without mentioning the popular Mango Sticky Rice. Perhaps the most  famous Thai dessert there is, Mango Sticky Rice is not just simple, but simply delicious, and can be found served fresh by the local street stalls, at shopping mall food courts, and in the finest Thai restaurants in the city.

The dish consists of a serving of sticky rice soaked in sweet coconut milk, gently steamed in a pandan leaf to create the base for several fresh, juicy slices of mango, topped with a drizzle of coconut cream and sprinkles of toasted mung beans, even typing it gets my taste buds tingling.


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