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  • Posted onApril 25th, 2014

Bangkok jobsOne visit to Bangkok and there’s a very good chance you’ll never want to leave. Whether it’s the all-year-round warm weather and sunshine, awesome nightlife, amazing food, or the beautiful women, many people come to Bangkok and don’t want to be anywhere else.

Sadly, many such foreigners never get to recognize the dream or experience of living in Bangkok, because they simply can’t find a job in Thailand. However, there are jobs for foreigners here in Bangkok, you just have to know where to look.

Here are the most common jobs you’ll find available to foreigners wanting to live and work in Bangkok:

Bangkok teachingTeaching English

The most popular and plentiful job for foreigners wishing to live and work in Thailand is teaching. There are literally hundreds of teaching jobs available for foreign nationals throughout the year, though the vast majority of which will be in teaching English.

To get a job teaching in Bangkok you’ll need some experience or at least a teaching certificate. If you have neither, don’t threat, there are a number of intense TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses which are around a month in length and not only give you a recognized certificate but also provide you with your first hours of teaching. Bangkok itself even has several TEFL schools for foreigners where you can learn to become a teacher and be in a job within a few months.

One such school I can recommend is

The downside to teaching is that the starting wages are low. Most new foreigner teachers in Bangkok earn around 30,000 baht per month ($1000), and while this is much higher than the average Thai wage, many Westerners struggle to live on a wage this low. However, as you gain more experience there are much higher paying teaching jobs available.

If you are interested in teaching in Bangkok then Ajarn is by far the largest teaching community and source of info, with a number of teaching jobs posted on the site, daily –

Bangkok chefHotel Work

If you have any skills, qualifications, and/or experience within the hospitality industry, then hotel work would be your best bet of finding a job in Bangkok, and after teaching this is the second most popular expat job. Hotels and resorts are a huge business in Bangkok, as well as other major locations in Thailand such as Koh Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya.

Most international hotels, and even some big Thai hotels, are happy to have an experienced international manager, while many other hotel jobs are open to foreign nationals, such as chefs, guest relation staff, and even musicians and entertainers.

It can be hard work, and if you have little experience or education, the lower level jobs can be rather poorly paid, but if you are somewhat talented or experienced, or can speak multiple languages, a dream life may await you in Bangkok.

Bangkok film crewActing/Modeling

Bangkok is slowly becoming a major location for film production, and has not only seen a number of big American, European and Asian companies start to make more films in and around the Thai capital, but it has also seen an increase in local film production. As a result, there is a constant demand for non-Thai looking models, actors, and extras.

Working as a foreign actor or model in Bangkok can have its ups and downs, and unless you are very lucky the work can be rather sporadic, however it does pay well. Simply working as an extra, hovering around in the background of a scene can earn you around 2000-3000 baht for the day, whereas landing yourself a speaking role can take your earnings up into the 10’s of thousands per day.

A number of foreigners do make a living working as an extra or model in Bangkok, and to some extent looks can be irrelevant, you just have to get lucky. However, competition can be high, and very few agencies or production companies will be able to offer you any help with getting a visa or work permit, so you’d have to arrange that yourself.

Bangkok IT jobWorking online

While there are plenty of technically gifted young Thais, if you have talents as a programmer or designer there are still plenty of companies who are willing to hire skillful foreigners. However, most large companies will usually employ a Thai for such full time positions (mainly due to visa and work permit requirements), but if you have an impressive portfolio and can get it to the right people there is work for you in Bangkok.


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