Best Clubbing on Sukhumvit Road

  • Posted onApril 8th, 2014

Bangkok ClubbingWhile parts of Sukhumvit are well known to foreigners for their seedy gogo bars and dingy expat hangouts, it actually has some of the most modern and happening nightclubs in Bangkok and still remains a failsafe option for a night of cold drinks, warm atmospheres, and some of the best partying in town.

Here are our favourite Sukhmvit clubs”

GreaseGrease Bangkok

Grease is definitely the ‘word’ on Sukhumvit 49. A superclub spread over four diverse fours, this is definitely a venue offers variety, from partying hard to total chillaxation. Across the four floors you’ll find a tasty Thai/Mediterranean restaurant, a rather cool dance club, a rocking live music hall and chilled roof-top bar, with lots of lounge chairs, cocktails, and a clear view of the stars above.

Grease can be found at the Piman 49 Complex, on Sukhumvit soi 49, opposite the Samitijev Hospital.


Levels is the current club of choice for many of Bangkok’s young expats. Though it does attract a large number of teachers and a few in-the-know backpackers, it feels far more exclusive and classy, and has grown to attract a number of international DJs. Packed out 7 nights per week, Levels has a large dance space, a chic lounge bar, and a very cool terrace bar looking down on the cosmopolitan streets below.

Levels can be found on Sukhumvit soi 11 at the Aloft Hotel, almost opposite the old Bed Supperclub building.

ClimaxClimax Sukhumvit 11

Many Bangkokians will give me a hard time for including this somewhat seedy club whose slogan is ‘every night is ladies night’, but I’m still a fan. It’s not the cheapest, and it’s certainly not the most sophisticated, but they do now to put on a good time, largely down to the four great house bands they have, who just seem to know how to get the crowd jumping. You don’t come here to impress a date, but it’s a great venue for a wild nightcap, open until 6am, long after many of the neighbouring clubs.

Climax can also be found on Sukhumvit soi 11, under the Ambassador Hotel (access through the car park).

NarzNarz Club Bangkok

Narz is another Bangkok club which attracts a mix of young Expats and local Thais while pulling off a somewhat sophisticated vibe. Set in a mansion-like house, with three party rooms to explore, like Climax, this is another venue which gets busy in the earlier hours, and doesn’t pull the plugs until the sun comes up.  With a choice of hip hop, house, or trance music to choose from, the only thing stopping this from ticking all the musical boxes is the absence of a live rock band, but this is made up for with a steady diary of well respected local and international DJs.


Still go it! Bed Supperclub may have closed its doors last year, but QBar is still going strong and remains not only one of the  most popular clubs in Bangkok, but in the country, no, make that Southeast Asia! Serious clubbers and star DJs travel to this clubbing Mecca form far and wide, and although it can feel a bit ‘exclusive’, everyone is welcome (just be willing to queue if you come late!), and once in you’ll soon feel like a Bangkok socialite elect.

QBar is also on Sukhumvit soi 11, but way down the end! Past Climax and Levels, and around the left bend, opposite Le Fenix Hotel (and Nest).

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