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  • Posted onMay 2nd, 2014

Things to do in SiamKnown for its amazing hotels and mega malls, Siam also has a lot of attractions to offer and you can quite easily pack out a day here without partaking in the art of shopping, or of course eating yourself silly in the many tasty restaurants and huge food courts the area has to offer.

Don’t believe me?  Here are a few of our favourite attractions and fun things to do in Siam:

BACC BangkokBangkok Art Culture Centre

The BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre), is something of a haven among the many large commercial buildings of Siam, and a great place to explore the city’s exciting modern art scene.  As well as lot of fascinating contemporary art you’ll also discover design work, music, even theatre and film, all on display.

While it’s not quite on the same scale as some of the better modern art museums you’ll find in Europe and America, it is fast becoming the home to a growing experimental art scene in Bangkok, and regularly hosts a wide range of exhibitions, including work from international artists as well as celebrated and up-and-coming Thai works.

The BACC is located just across from the MBK centre, and a short walk from National Stadium BTS. It’s also free entry, open from 10am till 9pm every day except Mondays.

Jim Thompson HouseJim Thompson House

If the BACC is a haven from the commercial buildings of Siam, then the Jim Thompson House is better described as a mirage! Somewhat hidden down a quiet soi near to National Stadium BTS, this a rather breathtaking compound of old teak building, surrounded by a beautiful garden and ponds, set beside the Saen Saeb Canal.

Visiting the Jim Thompson House includes a detailed tour (given in with a choice of several languages), where you’ll be walked around and through the elegant buildings, whilst learning the story of the American, Jim Thimpson, who was not only put together this estate but was also (almost single-handedly) responsibly for the re-birth of the Thai silk industry.

Human body museum bangkokHuman Body Museum

If you’re a lover of the weird and wonderful the Human Body Museum should be just the thing for you. It basically consist of an exhibition of 14 human bodies, form Japan, which have been dissected, preserved, and laid out for you to see and explore  the inner workings  of the human body.

For some it will be just too weird (and disturbing!). However, despite being a bit creepy it can be quite fascinating, especially if you are interested in human biology, or simply have a morbid curiosity for such things.

You will find it located on the 9th floor of the Faculty of Dentistry building at the University of Chulalongkorn, in Siam, open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm.

Siam Ocean WorldSiam Ocean World

Perhaps the biggest (non-shopping) attraction of Siam is Siam Ocean World, a mammoth tow-storey sea-world, set in the basement of the hiso Paragon mall. Despite being housed in such a setting, its actually pretty huge inside, and most who enter find themselves surprised at the many aquariums and variety of sea life within, including several large sharks!

The main aquarium is said to be around the size of three Olympic swimming pools, and includes all manner of fish. Not only can you walk through the tunnels and view it form ever angle, you can ever take a glass bottom boat tour along the top, or scuba dive and feed the sharks! You’ll also find several sections including a freshwater tank, with some giant Mekong Catfish and Chao Phraya Stingreys, as well as some rather cute penguins.

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