Best Restaurants in Chinatown, Bangkok

  • Posted onJuly 25th, 2014

Chinatown RestaurantsAnyone who has ever been to Bangkok’s Chinatown will tell you about the amazing colors, sounds, and most importantly, smells you’ll discover here. Even if you’ve just eaten, the aromas filling the air from Chinatown’s many street eateries and restaurants can be kind of hypnotic, leaving you desperate to try as much of it as you can.

To help you navigate (and eat) your way through Yaowarat’s many amazing restaurants, here’s our guide to the best places to eat in Chinatown:

Hua  Seng HongHua Seng Hong

It’s not the cheapest place to eat in Chinatown, but many will argue that it is the best. Hua Seng Hong is said to be an authentic taste of Hong Kong with remarkable Cantonese dishes, namely duck and goose foot stews. The restaurant is often crowded with customers and not always easy to get a seat but it’s worth showing some patience.

As well as the duck and goose dishes the restaurant also offers Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nest Soup, which seems to be a staple diet for the area, as well as a noteworthy dim sum menu, which is usually to  blame for the lunchtime crowds here.

Cotton RestaurantCotton Restaurant @ Shanghai Mansion

If you’re looking to eat in real style and want to experience a flashback to 1930’s Shanghai, the Cotton Restaurant at the Shanghai Mansion will be just to your tastes. It’s an extremely classy joint, and rather than feeling like you’ve stepped into an expensive concept restaurant you’ll feel like you’ve walked through a time machine.

Located on the second floor of this wonderful boutique hotel, the Cotton Restaurant offers a fine dining take on many of the classic Chinese and Cantonese dishes, all present with first class service and an outstanding wine list.

Scala Sharks FinScala Shark’s Fin Restaurant

There are many restaurants boasting to have Shark’s Fin on their menu, not just in Chinatown but throughout Bangkok city, however, many consider Scala Shark’s Fin to be the best.

Its signature dish is of course a standout on the menu, and one which it has built its reputation as well as its name around. However, there are several other excellent plates available, such as fried fish with black bean sauce, black peppered whole crab, and some rather delicious crab cakes. There’s also some decent suckling pig on the menu, which is my personal favorite.

Double Dogs TearoomDouble Dogs Tearoom

Contrasting many of the other eateries in this neighborhood of Bangkok, Double Dogs Tearoom is a rather cool and artsy venue, and a king of team-room, come restaurant, come book shop. They also sell alcohol, and many come here for an evening tipple, enjoying the laidback atmosphere.

In line with the vibe of the venue, the menu is filled with lots of creative dishes but most interesting is the drinks menu, with teas and coffees from all over the world, and each one explain with great detail regarding its flavor and history. The cocktail menu is equally as fun and engaging, with signature mixes including the ‘Red Shirt’ and some unique ‘tea cocktails’.

T&K SeafoodT & K Seafood

A food institution of Chinatown and Bangkok, many travel to this area of Bangkok just to enjoy the menu of amazing seafood at T & K restaurant.

On a busy corner of Yaowarat Road, it might not be immediately easy to understand the huge popularity of this chaotic eatery, it certainly won’t win any awards for its aesthetic qualities, and it’s anything but serene or romantic. However, take a seat and begin to explore the mammoth menu and things will become a bit clearer.

While the menu is huge and filled with options it’s the taste test that obviously counts, and with the vast majority of plate son offer it is sure to pass with flying covers. Standout dishes include the barbecued prawns, curried crab, and whole fish dishes, which come with a large choice of sauces.

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