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  • Posted onSeptember 24th, 2014

bangkok tailor 2Following on from our guide to getting a tailored suit in Bangkok I thought it would be worth mentioning some of our recommended tailors in the city.

These are by no means the cheapest tailors in the city, but as mentioned in the other article, the cheap option is by no means the best. Despite their higher price, for the quality of materials and tailoring you’ll still find great value-for-money and superior quality at the following Bangkok tailors.

tailor on tenTailor on 10 –

Founded as recently as 2010, Tailor on 10 has already risen to the top echelon of Bangkok bespoke tailors, with a reputation that is going global. Unlike many of Bangkok’s top tailors, Tailor on 10 was actually founded y a Western team, including a Canadian entrepreneur and a German management consultant.

The original concept of Tailor on 10 was to offer high end, bespoke tailoring, using the best fabrics available, at a price that is affordable to the average Bangkok visitor, and that is exactly what they have created.

Despite the name, Tailor on 10 is since moved form it’s original location on Sukhumvit soi 10 and can now be found on Sukhumvit soi 8. You can also pre plan and order your suit, and get a quote, through their very useful website.

PinkyPinky Tailors –

Tucked away in a tiny, non-descript mall (Mahatun Plaza), just off Ploenhit Skytrain station, Pinky tailors is certainly what you’d call a hidden gem when it comes to Bangkok tailoring.

Despite their almost hidden location their reputation alone is enough to a flurry of trade heading their way, and this shop is often the busiest in the mall. Among their regular clients expect to see plenty of the  city’s finer gents and top executives.


Perry’s is one of Bangkok’s longer serving tailors. Starting up in 1974, the shop is still very much a family business, with Perry (the boss and found), having learned the trade himself from his father who ran a successful tailor shop in Singapore during the 60s and 70s.

Again, this is not the cheapest in town, but the material used are of the highest standard, mostly imported from top fabric makers in Europe such as Loro Piana and Dormueil.

Perry’s customers include several ambassadors and Thai celebs, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh and Robin Williams.

Perry’s is located on Silo Road, opposite Silom Complex.


rajawongse-clothierRajawongse Clothiers –

Sukhumvit is awash with cheap and often tacky looking tailorships, especially around the lower numbered sois. And While Rajawongse Clothiers make look like just another cheap and quick tourist targeting tailor, this is anything but.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option but still want a non-rushed, genuinely friendly and helpful service, using good quality materials, this is one of the best options on the street. Run by a very likeable father and son team, Rajawongse Clothiers are known for their very personal service and find attention to detail. Such is their reputation that their past customers have included visiting celebs and foreign ambassadors.

The shop can be found on Sukhumvit road, close to the entrance of soi 4 (Nana).

Also worth mentioning..

DulyDuly –

Known as Bangkok’s first ‘fine shirt shop’, Duly was established in 2004 and is the place to head for the highest quality bespoke shirts in town.

With so many collar, cuff and button options, not to mention the many material and design choices, it can be quite an overwhelming experience coming here for a custom made shirt, but the result is sure to be something that will wow you, and while it’s not cheap, these shorts are often around half the price you’d pay for a brand name shirt off the rack.

Duly can be located on Sukhumvit soi 49

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