Best Bangkok Art Galleries

  • Posted onOctober 14th, 2014

Bangkok ArtBangkok isn’t known for its modern art scene or popular art galleries, with many visitors coming and going without experiencing any contemporary art in the capital. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there, and while it may not compare to the art scenes of New York, London and other major western capitals, you will find a rather bright and vibrant network of art galleries and open studios in this buzzing city. WhitespaceWhitespace Gallery – Since moving to its new location in Silom, the Whitespace Gallery has won a lot of fans and followers for its contributions to the Bangkok art scene.  Currently celebrating its eight year, Whitespace was a project set up to support emerging Thai talent with an ongoing series of solo exhibitions. As a result you’ll find a constant stream of varied and interesting exhibitions going on, highlighting the exciting talents of Bangkok’s best young architects, designers, painters, sculptors, and all kinds of different art styles, including lots of new media and alternative art and expression.. La lantaLa Lanta – One of Bangkok’s better established art galleries, La Lanta can be found at the heart of the city’s busy Sukhumvit Road (the name actually means beauty in abundance in Thai). Here you’ll find exhibits and work from a variety of celebrated contemporary artists from all over the globe, from the US, to Scandinavia, to the Middle East, to Japan and China, as well as proud works from Thailand’s leading modern artists. As well as being one of the focal points of modern art in Bangkok, La Lanta also have a very prominent ‘Young Programme’ set up to encourage and promote young talent from Thailand and its neighboring countries. Queens galleryThe Queen’s Gallery – Set in an old Bangkok Bank, The Queen’s Gallery was created in 2003 to create a new space for promoting the best new Thai artwork alongside a collection of work from more celebrated and established local artists. The balance of modern Thai works set beside some of the country’s classics seems to work very well, with four floors packed with old and new art pieces and exhibitions. There is also a fifth floor which has been converted into an art studio, hosting frequent art classes and workshops for promising Thai talent. HGalleryH Gallery – Created by American H. Ernest Lee, H gallery is all about modern art in the forms of painting, textiles and photography. Another gallery established after the turn of the millennium, H Gallery also exhibits lots of emerging Thai and Asian talent, side-by-side established international artists, with the bulk of the work curated by the Irish art lecturer and author, Brian Curtin. The gallery itself is also something of an art piece, centered around a stunning colonial mansion almost 125 years old. BACCBangkok Art & Culture Centre – This somewhat recent art centre has proved to be very popular with both locals and tourist in the city (much helped by its location close to Siam Square and the MBK mall). The BACC (Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre), is part modern art centre, part exhibition space, part art mall. Despite only opening to the public in 2008, the project actually started up in the 1950’s, with the stunning modern building designed by architect Robert G. Boughey and Associates. The BACC has become more than a place to view art, and is now a poular hangout and meeting space for young Thai artists and those in need of inspiration.


  1. Kenny Wayne says:

    I have visited a few “Galleries” in BKK, C. Mai, Khon Kaen and Udon Thani over the years. There are so many fine artists in Thailand but really not very many places for them to get exposure, let alone sell their work. Then, if an artist sells several pieces, he is very soon “parroted” and the hard road traveled is copied by others.

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