Watching Muay Thai (kickboxing) in Bangkok

  • Posted onNovember 3rd, 2014

Muay ThaiNo true Bangkok experience is complete without witnessing some Muay Thai. Muay Thai is more than a sport, it’s a key part of Thai history and tradition, part of the country’s religion and identity, it’s champions are nothing less than national heroes.

If you’ve never experienced a Mauy Thai fight in the flesh, and we mean real Muay Thai fighting not the soft exhibition fighting you’ll find in beer bars and tourist attractions, then you are missing and enthralling ‘only-in-Thailand’ event. Not only is this Thai martial art hugely popular with the locals, but it’s also a huge tourist draw, with the bigger arenas and important title flights, open to Thais and tourists alike.

Here are some of the best venues to watch real Muay Thai in Bangkok:

LumpiniLumpini Stadium –

The spiritual home of Muay Thai, Lumpini Stadium (officially known as Sanam Muay Lumpini) is the venue for many of the most important championship events and title fights. With fights scheduled every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, there are around eight bouts each fight night, plus a main event fight to conclude the evening.

This is the most famous boxing arena in Bangkok and the prices will reflect that (foreigners will also be charged a little more than locals). If you can’t bear to face a fight ringside than most Lumpini fight nights are broadcast live on Thai TV, but it doesn’t compare to watching it in the flesh.

ratchadamnoenRatchadamnoen Stadium

Another of Bangkok’s national Muay Thai stadiums, fights at Ratchadamnoen Stadium are the real deal. Here you’ll find fights on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings. This is an institute of Muay Thai, having been around since 1941, While it does pack in plenty of tourists, there’s definitely a more vibrant and passionate vibe to be found here.

Also known as Sanam Muay Ratchadamnoen, this stadium if located on Ratchadamnoen Avenue among the many tourist attractions and sites. Ticket prices here are quite expensive, with tickets often starting at around 1000 baht with ringside seats around the 2000 baht mark.

Channel 7Channel 7 Stadium

The Channel 7 stadium is a much smaller and more intimate affair, but the fights are no less serious or important. Owned by the national TV station channel 7, all fights are broadcast live and there’s always a reliably active and passionate crowd to be discovered here.

Channel 7 stadiums popularity certainly isn’t hurt by the fact that tickets here are totally free, with fights taking place every Sunday and third Wednesday of the month. Sunday’s fights start at 3:45 PM, and Wednesday’s bouts begin at midday.

MBKMBK Shopping Mall

The MBK Fight Nights have proved to be incredibly popular. Staged in an outdoor area in front of the popular MBK mall, all fights here are totally free and draw in huge, lively crowds. If you’re new to Muay Thai and not sure it’s your thing, this is a great starter venue with all the action being full contact fighting, not play acting or tourist attraction events.

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