Best Ice Cream in Bangkok

  • Posted onDecember 2nd, 2014

Bangkok Ice creamWhile Thailand is not so well known for its desserts, and has no real history or tradition with ice cream, today’s generation of Thais, and Bangkokians in particular, have fallen in love with ice cream and frozen yoghurt. There’s been some kind  of ice cream revolution in the Bangkok city over the last decade, and as well as an invasion of Svensons, Hagen Das, and Dairy Queen vendors and restaurants,  you’ll also find several exciting brands of Thai ice cream competing in the market.

Here’s the best of Bangkok ice cream:

Milk SolidMilk Solid Nitrogen

Its name might not sound some delicious but Milk Solid Nitrogen isn’t just an ice cream brand and shop, it’s the future! In what may look more like a labrotary more than a traditional ice cream store, here you’ll see your ice created from scratch in a flash of magic, with a blast of liquid nitrogen flash freezing your ingredients in less than half a minute.

This isn’t just about putting on a show it’s also about great tasting dessert, and with over 50 flavors to choose from you should find something to suit your taste buds.

Milk Solid Nitrogen has branches in Silom and close to the Chidlom BTS.

IcedeaIcedea –

Icedea isn’t about ice cream, oh no it’s about a much deeper concept than that, this is all about art.

Set in the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre and created by Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya, an imaginative Thai artist with an extremely sweet tooth, Icedea is a kind of exhibition itself. Here you can pick from weird and wonderful flavors such as sushi, rose, deep fried breaded Melon,  and the minty global warming special.

It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get into the spirit and vibe of Bangkok’s modern art centre. As well as being creative with the flavours they also offer to shape your ice cream into any shape you want.

Nattaporn IcecreamNatthaporn Ice Cream

Unlike many of Thailand’s homemade ice cream brands and shop, Natthaporn Ice Cream has been around for over half a century.

Despite being set a little off the beaten track on Tanao Road, ice cream fanatics should certainly make the pilgrimage here to experience Bangkok’s older ice crema parlour, experiencing traditional Thai flavors such as coconut and Thai ice tea, and more modern flavors such as butter cake.

EteEte –

Ete is one Thai ice cream brand that has become a big hitter, competing comfortably with more establish international brands (in Thailand at least). The concept is pretty simple, selling organic ice cream and frozen yoghurt made from milk from its own cows. The flavors are all pretty traditional and classic, from rum and raisin to coconut and passion fruit. However, while the flavors may not spark much excitement Ete is all about the quality of ingredients and the proof is in the tasting.

There are several Ete shops and kiosks around Bangkok, you’ll find them in several Bangkok malls and around Sukhumvit Road

iberryIberry Ice Cream –

Thailand’s most popular and successful ice cream brand, Iberry is a chain of gourmet ice cream shops, with a concept based around all natural ingredients and flavors, with no artificial flavors or preservatives used. Unlike its main rival, Ete, Iberry are far more fun and experimental when it comes to their flavors, with star flavors including banana and cheese, and mangosteen and durian.

It seems that every major Bangkok mall has an Iberry ice cream shop, including CentralWorld and Major Avenue, with some even selling main courses and other dishes.


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