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  • Posted onMay 16th, 2015

Bangkok postcardPlanning you first trip to Bangkok can be a little bit stressful. Search for ‘things to do in Bangkok’ and you’ll be overwhelmed with tourist options and recommended sites to see. Then there are the warnings and scams you’ll hear about (though trust me these are mostly scare stories, this is one of the safest and friendliest capitals in the world), and then there are all the local rules and etiquette. Everyone wants to relax and enjoy their first trip to Thailand and Bangkok, as you would anywhere, but there is always this slight nervous energy of anticipation when heading in to the unknown and the exotic.

I’ve written a lot of advice and travel tips for visitors to Bangkok, so to help set your mind at rest here’s a beginner’s guide to you first trip to Bangkok, linking you to all the articles I’ve written that I believe you’ll find most useful:

Bangkok tuktukKnow how to get around

Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok’s main airport, is fortunately a lot easier to negotiate than it is to spell. A very modern and practically laid out airport, you’ll have few problems finding your way through immigration and baggage collection. Once out into the main hall you should avoid anyone offering you a chauffeur or taxi service and head down one floor, following signs to the metered taxi area. There is an airport rail system which will take you into the center of Bangkok and can be found 2 floors down, but you are best advised to use a taxi on you first visit to Bangkok, especially after a long flight.

Once in the city there are several ways to get around. Bangkok has very good transport options, with lots of taxis which are easy to find around the clock, and a very modern sky train and metro system for when you’ll want to avoid the traffic (which can be a large part of the day.

Here’s a more detailed article on ‘Getting around Bangkok’ –

Bangkok taxi’s are likely to play a big part in any visit to the city, but there are a few tricks to avoiding the occasional taxi scam or annoying driver –

waiRespect the culture

One concern many tourists have when visiting the country for the first time is knowing the local customs and avoiding any disrespectful acts or comments.  Thais are for the most part very polite and considerate to others, with a society built around mutual respect. To help you fit in and avoid any local faux pas, here’s our guide to ‘Thai Customs you should know’ –

It also pays to know a bit of the history of Bangkok, it will certainly help when deciding what to see and do in this large, action packed city. The history of Bangkok is somewhat epic, as you’d expect, but here’s our guide to ‘a brief history of Bangkok’ –

While tourists aren’t expected to speak the local language, with most Thai’s speaking a reasonable level of English, at least those in the service industry, a little bit of Thai language will take you a long way. Thai’s genuinely enjoy when foreigners try to converse in Thai, even if it’s just a small greeting or thank you. Don’t worry about you translation, the effort and attempt to speak the local language is seen as a very respectful act. Here’s our guide to ‘Basic Thai for your holiday’ –

Myths BangkokBeing safe and avoiding the scams

One concern many new visitors have is their safety. As I said earlier, this is an extremely safe and friendly city, and even when we do mention scams and warnings they are often on a very small scale and the same kind of things you’d need to avoid in any big city of the world.

Here’s an article on the basic ‘Bangkok survival tips’ –

I mentioned about the taxi’s scams briefly, but here’s an article on a few other scams you might encounter during you Bangkok visit. 3 Common Scams –

Whenever you are researching a new destination you’re always going to come across a few scare stories or warnings, and while many of which are likely to be untrue, if you’ve never been to the place it’s hard to know what to believe. Here’s our guide to the common ‘myths about visiting Bangkok’ –

Bangkok PalacaPlanning your site seeing

With so much to see and do around Bangkok it pays to do your research beforehand. Here are some of our articles on what to do in Bangkok.

A visit to Bangkok should include at least one day seeing the temples. Here’s a guide to Bangkok’s best temples –

The Old Town is where you’ll find a wealth of museums, monuments, and historical sites. Here’s aour guide to Bangkok’s Old Town –

Kickboxing, or Muay Thai, is the proud national sport, and those with a sense of adventure should try to see at least one Muay Thai event. Here’s our guide to watching Muay Thai in Bangkok –

Bangkok also has a fast growing art scene, Take a look at our guide to Bangkok’s Art Galleries –

If you’d like to see and learn as much as possible in a short period of time there are a number of great tours available around the city. Here’s an article I wrote on Bangkok tours –

Bangkok spaTaking time to relax

The Thai people are the masters of relaxation and pampering, so it makes sense to dedicate a part of your trip to indulging in spa treatments and relaxing the Thai way.

Write ups on two of our favourite Bangkok day spas can be found here:

Sofitel SO spa –

CHI spa at the Shangri-La –

And here you’ll find a guide to Bangkok’s ‘Best Spas’ –

If you just want somewhere quiet to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, here’s our guide to ‘Bangkok parks’ –

Of if you have a bit more time on your hands and want to get away from the city for a day or two here’s an articles I wrote on ‘Escaping the city’ –

Club CultureMaking the most of your nights

Bangkok also has a well earned reputation for its nightlife, with almost more to see and do afterdark than in the day.

For a romantic way of exploring Bangkok at night, here’s our write up on Bangkok’s ‘Dinner Cruises’ –

Some of the best foreign friendly nightlife can be found in one street. Here’s an articles on the lively Sukhumvit soi 11 –

Or if you want to party more with the local Bangkok crowd, read out guide to RCA –

For an overview of where to party, here’s our guide to Bangkok’s ‘Best nightlife experiences’ –

Floating MarketExploring the malls and markets

Hopping should rightly pay a large part in anyone first trip to Bangkok. The city has a glowing reputation for its many modern mega malls. Here’s a guide to the best malls in Bangkok –

For a more traditional shopping experience you’ll want to visit some of the best Bangkok markets, and there are literally 100s of them. Here’s a guide to our favourite Bangkok markets –

And if you’re going to grab a bargain you’ll want to read our guide on ‘Learning to barter’ –

Bangkok foodWhere to eat

Get ready for some eating; the food in Bangkok is beyond compare. Street food is everywhere, for the most part it’s extremely safe to eat, incredibly cheap, and with such variety. Here’s our guide to Bangkok’s best ‘Street Food’ –

Or if you’d like to try the best of what Bangkok has to offer you’ll want to read our guide to Bangkok’s ‘Fine Dining’ –

Better yet, why not really dive into the culture and taking home some Thai cooking skills to impress your friends and family. There are a number of great cooking schools around town, here’s our guide to Bangkok’s best ‘Cooking classes’ –

Bangkok HotelWhere to sleep

When choosing somewhere to set up base camp you’ll never be short of options in Bangkok. The great thing about Bangkok accommodation is how cheap hotels are, and you can get a 4 or 5 star room for the price of a 2 star hotel. And after a long day of site seeing and a long night of partying, you’ll be extremely grateful for that luxury bed and comfortable room.

Here are some of our favourite Bangkok hotels:

Aloft –

Lebua State Tower –

Sofitel SO –

For a list of guest friendly hotels, these are hotels which allow you to take extra guests and escorts back to without any bother, here’s our guide to Bangkok’s ‘Guest Friendly hotels’ –

If you’re looking for an extended stay in the city you’ll want better suited accommodation. Here’s our guide to Bangkok ‘Serviced Apartments’ –

Priya_1213 (6)Choosing your companion..

With so much to see and do in Bangkok knowing where to go and what to do will always be somewhat stressful, however knowing who to do it with is a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a stunning Thai girl to show you around Bangkok, help you discover the best sites and sounds, soak up the full energy of the city’s nightlife, and then take you back to you hotel for an even wilder time, look no further than our Bangkok Escorts..

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