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  • Posted onJune 3rd, 2015

Jutujak Green MarketOne of the most interesting and fun marketplaces of Bangkok, the JJ Green Market is where Bangkok’s hipsters and bohemian crowd head for their shopping treats. Set by the mammoth Chatuchak Weekend Market, the JJ Green Market is the more cooler and chilled alternative to hectic scenes of its big brother.

What’s it all about

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe JJ Green Market is what many see as the replacement for the demolished Rod Fai Market (now relocated across the city, behind Seacon Square). Comprising mostly of a huge lot covered by makeshift stalls and those just laying goods out on a rug or selling from the trunk of their car, it resembles what those in the UK would call a ‘car boot market.’ There are also several purpose build shops and bars, with an indoor market area kind of similar to the vintage section of the Chatuchak market.

The shops here are predominantly selling retro and secondhand goods, including everything from vinyl, old car parts, artwork and ornaments, clothes and accessories, and everything in between. The stuff on sale here is so interesting, with lots of weird and wonderful items, its fun to just look around. As you’d expect from a Thai market, there are also lots of great food stalls spread around, so you won’t be going hungry.

Towards the back of the market there are more ‘car boot/trunk’ set ups, with traders peddling everything from cameras and phones, old street signs and used instruments, again, it’s kind of cool and you really do find a lot of unique, retro pieces, perfect if you are looking for chic and vintage décor.


JJ Green Market BarIt’s not just about shopping

Primarily a stylish antiques/flea market, you don’t have to be on the lookout for retro décor to head here, many just come to chill out, drink with like minded locals, and soak up the cool vibes.

A large number of visitors simply come here to browse, eat, and drink. The bars at JJ Green Market are often busier than the stalls and there’s definitely a cool party vibe going on, made up primarily of young hipsters and artsy types.

Some even do their shopping at the adjacent Chatuchal Market and head to JJ Green Market after, to eat, drink, and socialize in a more laidback setting. The beers and cocktails are also cheap, and most of the bars have live music, primarily acoustic rock and Thai swing.

The star bar is perhaps Clock Tower, which has a more upscale vibe than its competitors, and always hosts a reliably good band. Stair By Me is also pretty good, with live bands and a rooftop bar that really sets the scene. Another bar worth looking out for is Khao Khong, which almost feels like an art gallery, decked out with of lots of unique and colorful décor.

When to head thereJJ Green Market2

Open Thursday to Sunday, the JJ Green Market is very much a night market, opening its gates at around 5 PM. The market can be slow to get going but by 9 PM there’s a real buzz going on and the bars start to get rocking. The market stalls start to close around 11 PM and are packed up by midnight, but most of the bars continue through to around 2 AM, especially on Saturday night when at their busiest.

How to get there

JJ Green Market is pretty easy to locate. Close to MRT: Chatuchak and BTS: Mo Chit, its set off Kamphaeng Phet Road, just inside Jatujak Green Park; you should see sign posts for the park if you keep your eyes peeled and if you get lost most locals will be able to direct you.

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