The best place to meet girls in Thailand

  • Posted onApril 19th, 2018

If you’re a single male looking to try a new holiday destination then there is surely no better place in the world than Thailand. The beaches are incomparable, picture postcard perfect, the food is a constant festival of tastes and aromas, the nightlife is wild and always going, and the girls.. Thai girls will make you fall in love and lust at first sight.

Once you have your heart set on a Thailand trip there is one big dilemma, and that’s deciding where to go. But instead of reading guide books about the best beaches, off-the-track eateries, and where to get the perfect pad Thai, what you really need to know is, where are the best girls in Thailand?

Phuket girlsPhuket girls romantic beach Attitude-wise Phuket girls can be very mixed. Phuket has a reputation as the most expensive resort in Thailand, and that runs all the way from the restaurants and taxis, to the hotels and girls. That’s not to say a week in Phuket would break the bank, but if you do find yourself with a pretty Phuket girl on your arm, she may expect some fine dining and a generous tip for her time.

Phuket has some of the best beaches in Asia, actually, make that the world. It’s blistering hot for most part of the year, and as you’d expect most Phuket girls will have a sexy golden tan. While many Thai’s cower from a slither of sunlight sneaking through the curtains like a vampire on summer vacation, Phuket girls love the beach, so if you’re looking for a partner to play some volleyball and splash around in the water, Phuket girls could be the ones for you.

Chiang Mai girls In stark contrast to Phuketians the girls of Chiang Mai pride themselves on having smooth pale skin and look down on those with even the lightest tan. This doesn’t really present itself as racist or offensive but there is definitely some snobbery when it comes to skin tone, and it can be difficult finding local who will come and explore the surrounding mountain and nature, or wander through the market streets of the town while the sun if in the sky. A very artsy and cultured city, Chiang Mai girls often reflect a more creative and inventive attitude. While they will typically be less attracted to the beach, you can easily find a bedfellow here who would join you to browse the local galleries and craft markets, or simply sit in a café and discus your favourite song lyrics.

Pattaya girls neon lightsPattaya girls Some people refer to Pattaya as the sex capital of the world, and those who don’t have never been there before. If you’re looking for a wife or long term relationship, boy have you come to the wrong place. You might meet a sweet, soft hotel receptionist who just arrived from Issan, but be warned, there’s only one reason a Thai would head to this city of sin. But that isn’t to say it’s a bad place for meeting girls, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Not only is Pattaya one of the cheapest and foreign friendly resorts in Thailand, the girls here are extremely fun, friendly, and open minded, and you won’t break the bank if you’ve got your head screwed on. Pattaya girls might not be the smartest, and you might not be discussing much 18th century literature, but Pattaya girls have an anything goes attitude, and everyone knows everything goes in Pattaya.

Bangkok girls AprilBangkok girls What’s the stereotype of a Bangkok girl.. hmm.. it’s almost impossible to say. Like any big capital city it’s a melting pot of cultures and you can find all the above types of girls in abundance, as well as many others too. Born and bred Bangkokians tend to be more worldly and ambitious than your average Thai person, but no matter what/who you are looking for, if you look hard enough, you’ll find it in Bangkok.

The down side of Bangkok is that it doesn’t quite have the wild party scene of Pattaya (or at least not to the same scale), nor are there many parts of Bangkok which can come close to the culture and calm of Chaing Mai, and it certainly doesn’t have any nearby beaches in the same league as Phuket, but it Bangkok IS the perfect holiday hub. It’s so well connected to everywhere in the Country, with one of Asia’s biggest and busiest airport, it’s the perfect place to start and end any Southeast Asian adventure, and you won’t have any problems finding a girl here who fits your preferred type.

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