TOP10 Bangkok Spas

  • Posted on: February 10th, 2013

10 top Spas in Bangkok

hyatt-spaYou’re unlikely to visit many cities in the world which will take your breath away in the same way as Bangkok can. The Thai capital truly is a city that never sleeps, from the early morning monks collecting alms at the crack of dawn, the hordes of market dwellers and early morning shoppers mingling with endless amounts of tourists and office works throughout the day, to the wild nightlife that draws drinkers, clubbers and socialites out in their droves until the early hours of the next day, and that’s not even mentioning the almost never-ending traffic jams that fill many of the main city arteries. However, in juxtaposition to this is a very spiritual and soulful heartbeat of the Bangkok, one built around ancient traditions of meditation and massage, today mixed with a booming wellness and spa industry combining age-old knowledge and practices with modern remedies and treatments.
TOP10 Bangkok Spas

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