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  • Height (cm)
  • 152
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  • 24hours
  • Age
  • 28
  • Measurements
  • 32B-24-34
  • Weight (kg)
  • 40
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  • Multiple shots
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  • Lesbian Performance

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  1. Contact name *:
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Thank-you for your booking request, we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking. If your booking requires our immediate attention and we do not reply within 10minutes then please give us a call at +66(0)880114917

Olivia – Ooooh Livia!
I’m sure you’ve heard of girls with come-to-bed eyes, well Olivia has cum-to-bed legs, cum-to-bed breasts, cum-to-bed lips, and well, pretty much everything about her screams let’s head to the bedroom right now! This slim, sexy, Asian babe is also very good company out of the bedroom and she’ll instantly have a smile on your face and make you feel at ease, but it’s behind a locked door where her best talents come out.


  1. Michael says:

    I can say only one, Olivia, you are the dream at earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so mutch for the fantastic time together, i will never forget it☺️☺️☺️
    Take care of you

  2. Barry says:

    I have to say that I enjoyed Olivia’s company. She has a spunky personality, which I quite enjoy. She is very humorous and enjoyable to have around. My only regret is that I should have book her for more than one day because I find myself wanting her even more. She is a smart and special girl. Thank you for your time, Olivia.

  3. Shawn says:

    awesome awesome personality… good relieving session

  4. Jay says:

    A fabulous time with a beautiful and caring lady. She made me feel so good and I am privileged to have met her. Hope I do again one day. Thank you Olivia x

  5. Det says:

    I had the pleasure of Olivia’s company for 24 hours on my last visit to Bangkok.

    Not only is she just as beautiful as her pictures, she speaks excellent English, is great company and makes a perfect tour guide for anyone visiting. As an added bonus, she is also extremely skilled in the more intimate moments…

    I had a great time with her, and genuinely could not have asked for any more. Would recommend unreservedly.

    Thanks Olivia- until next time my little Flamenco dancer… 😉 x

  6. Louis says:

    Last night I too had the pleasure of inviting Olivia and boy was I happy to have chosen her. I have read the raving reviews she has received on this website and on others, so I had some expectations of how great it could be and I was far from disappointed. I truly had an amazing evening with an amazing woman. You never know upfront if there will be a true connection and I was lucky enough to have it with her. Yes she is great in bed, but she is so much more than that. I am not the most experienced guy with regards to escortservices, only had around a dozen or so experiences, but I do now that if you do research upfront the chances of having a good time is good compared to some other venues. Please treat this gem with the respect as she deserves it and know that she will repay it in full.

  7. John says:

    9/24/15. Everything was perfect. Looks perfect. English perfect. Personality perfect. Sex perfect. What a great person in every way. The only person that might not like her is someone who wants a big girl. She is so cute that every time she would remove a piece of clothing I would lose my train of thought.

  8. N.Y.C. says:

    I missed my flight back to Hong Kong after a night of partying–but, whatever, it’s Bangkok. Honestly, I passed out drunk the night before. I woke up with a bruised rib and a cracked iPhone screen, no idea how either happened. So, I decided to stay an extra night in my hotel and treat myself to some time with Olivia. It turned out to be the highlight of my trip. I have limited experience with escort services so was a little nervous about it at first but I was put at ease by her booking agent, Maya, who was efficient and courteous. After the first few attempts to make appointments with her failed, I was finally able to schedule two hours in the early evening. TWO HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME to enjoy Olivia. Trust me. She speaks very good English with an adorable accent that reminded me of Jamaican or Haitian–she’s from the sunnier, beachier parts of Thailand which may have something to do with it. The photos on the site are accurate–she has a tight dancer’s body, Siamese cat eyes and a beautiful smile–but they don’t quite capture the warmth and fun she exudes. After she left I spent a few hours walking around the night market by the waterfront and I decided I had to see her again. The only available time was 1am. I brought her a silver necklace I found at the market and our second session was just as thrilling as the first. I put on some vintage Isaan music I found at a record store and she hopped off the bed to demonstrate some traditional Thai dances. She really prefers hip-hop, though–ask her to see the video of her dancing naked to Rihanna in her apartment…wow, i wish I had a copy of that. The whole time, there was never any talk of money or awkwardness about planning what would happen sexually. It all felt very organic, like a girl who wants your dick not your wallet. She’s smart, too. The conversations you have in between the physical moments are funny. She likes to talk, so listen. For me, it made me feel a much deeper connection. For her, too, maybe. Regardless, treat her nice and she will put you first. She’s a special person, talented at her job and worth much more than the money you exchange for her company.

  9. X says:

    Amazing time spent with olivia 4 hours was not enough, she is full of energy, aims to please, english skills are excellent and has the tightest hot body ive ever seen, and so easy to talk to truly one of thailands gems

  10. David from Australia says:

    Some months ago I made the best decision of my life. I had booked a week with Olivia. Well, it ended on Saturday and I had the most fantastic time. Olivia went to extraordinary lengths to arrange a wonderful experience. Dancing, clubs, beach, pool, restaurants, and simply sitting talking (I could listen to her for hours) it was just amazing. The best times will remain private. O how I wish it would never end. So I am planning another experience as soon as I can. Olivia, you are an amazing girl. You are unbelievable and so beautiful. Thank you from deep in my heart.

  11. SteveO says:

    I recently spent a fabulous day with Olivia and one of my best days for a long time. She has a warm and inviting smile, a hot body and a fun and affectionate personality. I had such a great time with Olivia in bed, at the nightclub, in bed, at the restaurant, in bed, at the pool. Did I mention she is great in bed!!! She is a very warm, attractive and genuine woman and I hope to see her many more times. Thanks Olivia for being such a great woman. Xoxoxo

  12. philippe says:

    i spent a whole night with olivia one month ago. What a wonderful time! She is absolutely beautiful .
    Very easy to talk to and very funny.
    And a tiger in the bed !!!
    Thanks Olivia

  13. R says:

    Olivia is a great girl with a lovely smile and sexy body. I only had her for 4 hours but she makes a good companion and would probably be nice to hang out and go travelling with. She’s also very talented in the bedroom. I always take a long time to finish but she was very patient and had an amazing drive to make my whole body tingle with pleasure as well as giving a relaxing massage. Her tight little body finished me off twice eventually. She was very happy to see me cum and so was I 🙂 Thank you, Olivia.

  14. HH says:

    Olivia is head and shoulders and a couple of devil’s horns above all the other Thai girls I’ve met. In fact, she is now my favorite Thai, period. I was a bit of an a-hole when she first came in as I thought someone had done bait-and-switch but the photos are her alright. What they don’t show, is how smart, generous, nonjudgmental and fun she is. She’s like one of those old fashioned courtesans who can keep up a smart conversation while doing ANYTHING with you–and with real enthusiasm (or, if it’s fake, give her an Academy Award).

  15. john says:

    I booked Olivia yesterday for 6 hours. What a great girl and a superb body, this girl should be a lingerie model. Very HOT in the bed with great oral skills. Once again Bangkok Escorts exceed spectations with there standard of service

  16. Mike says:

    Great girl!! Had a great time with Olivia. She’s got a great personality – she’s magnetic; she’s fun, smart, speaks great English and good hearted. And of course she is sexy! with her tight little body. A perfect girl. I wish her all the best in life because she deserves it! Thank you Olivia!!

  17. David says:

    A real pleasure meeting Olivia today. A happy, smiley girl with lots of personality, she was great company for a couple of hours. And her English is excellent. She also has a lovely petite body which she sure knows how to use to put a guy into a state of total bliss. She literally blew me away. Highly recommended.

  18. Tom says:

    Just had a truly wonderful time with Olivia. She is totally uninhibited and a really, really nice person. Be good to her because she deserves it.
    Thanks, Olivia. Hope to see you soon again!

  19. Motorcycle Racer says:

    O. you are a bundle of joy. Sweet, funny, smart, and sexy…what else could you ask for in a woman!

  20. OzyDave says:

    Sometimes in life, the shortest experiences give the longest lasting memories.
    Olivia ….. intelligent, exotic, sensual, fun. A GFE so intense, it’s difficult to leave.

  21. Deyan says:

    Olivia was fantastic !!! So beautiful lady !!!

  22. David says:

    I could not possibly use another agency. Time and time again I have contacted http://bangkokescort.com and been satisfied in every aspect with no fuss and no fiction. With Olivia, I have enjoyed hours of pleasure be it between the sheets, watching a movie or sitting at the dinner table. She is a diamond; rare, precious, to be admired, appreciated, and always cared for. Until next time, thank you Olivia.

  23. A L says:

    A 5 star cutie with 5 star skills. I highly recommend her and hope to see her again on my next trip here.

  24. Michael says:

    Ooooooooolivia, what for a pretty personality!!!!!

    i was stay for two months in Thailand but only one day with olivia. this was my nicest and shortest day in the hole holiday. i meet before never setch a personality, how speek perfect english for interesting discussion, have a perfect sexy body and now every second what a men like.
    Olivia, thanks for the nice day, you are the sweetest cat around the World and iam very happy when see you next time, but then i hope not only for one day

  25. Frenchy says:

    Olivia, Olivia… What can I say? You are awesome. You are one special lady.

    I have spent two days with Olivia and let me tell you, she is one of these special girls that makes you feel like she is really happy to be with you. If you treat her like she deserves to be treated, she will open her heart and really connect with you. You can have a light conversation, she has a terrific sense of humor, but you can also have a serious conversation and she’ll be right there with you. She is smart, witty, she has a big heart. And when it comes to the bedroom, gentlemen, let me tell you… You won’t be disappointed. She’ll have you wrapped around her finger before you know it.

    Olivia, I can’t stop thinking about you…

    I can’t stop thinking about you, Olivia.

  26. David says:

    Ooooh la la Olivia! Such an entertaining night with a bubbly pleasant young lady. I re-booked before she even left the room. I cannot wait to meet up again, thank you Maya and a very big thank you to Olivia.

  27. Rick says:

    Olivia is very charismatic and full of energy, really enjoyed her company. Will definitely repeat on my next trip to BKK.

  28. Manuel says:

    Olivia has a very sweet personnality and she is very fun to be with. She has a nice body and In bed she is awesome. All in all, I have spent a very good moment.

  29. Alan says:

    I had the pleasure of spending 5 fabulous days with Olivia. I think the most amazing quality that she possesses is her wit and personality. She is very smart and funny and of course drop dead gorgeous. I will dream about her and will be honoured to she her again. I think that she deserves the utmost respect and care. I really think that she can own the world and would say that anyone who is lucky enough to have spent time with her will understand that she is one in a million. Just breathtaking beauty and has a lust for life. And, of course, is the most wonderful person to share intimate moments together.

  30. stanley says:

    Had the privelage to spend 2 beautiful hrs with olivia. This woman is amazing at what she does. Classy all the way. Thank you for a wonderful time during my 1st time in Bangkok

  31. Andy says:

    Olivia will blow your mind and body, very sexy with her school outfit and black stockings, she is extremely horny and fantastic on bed she just can’t get enough! She is non stop, I will book again when I return to Bangkok.

  32. Max says:

    I spent 24 hours with Olivia and I enjoyed it a lot. Her english skills are excellent, she has a great humour, her smile is to fall in love with, it was much fun to just chill at the pool and to have dinner with her… And she definitely knows how to make a men feel special when making love. Thanks a lot!

  33. Romeo says:

    Sweetheart. Great attitude. Melt your heart smile. Always positive. Knows how to keep me strong. Knows how to eat. Gave me tips on where to shop. She ate all my chocolates though

  34. Steve says:


    I met Olivia for the first time just this weekend. Looks, just as pictures, stunningly cute. Personality exceptional, funny, wit, charm, English very good. Passion, incredible, Olivia gave me a massage the first day, was exactly what I needed and didn’t know it.

    Olivia a pure class when out for dinner, drinks, dance etc.

    My mind is clearer, body rejuvenated, Olivia loves to tease, drive you crazy and dare I say, finish you off with a tantalizing touch

    Next visit, Olivia for as long as I can manage !!

  35. Tay says:

    Olivia is a true precious gem. She is comparable to the finest asian flower. Delicate from outside and sweet from the inside. She has an exquisite smile, sensual curves and hypnotic eyes. I will never forget the two nights I spent with her. She really know how to please a gentleman. Treat her well and she will reward you with the night of your life. She speak very good english and I really enjoyed all the lenghty conversation and laugh we had together. This elegant lady is the perfect date to go out for diner night. I will definitly try to book her again on my next trip to Bangkok.

  36. Jack says:

    Olivia, you’re a wonderful girl. Thank you for the 24 hours we spent together.

  37. Didi says:

    Dear Olivia! So sorry for late comment to you!! Have mmeting on Sunday 12. October with you. Would keep my promise to give you my coment to you. I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours with you (seemed like only 5 minuts). Olivia is so sweet, your english more than passable ant to make love with you was tremendous exellent! For me is she an amazing lady, even more nice then her picture! Can not explain to much detail, just know that I’cant wait for my next Bangkok stopove. Olivia: Your are SIMPLY THE BEST!! tHANK YOU AND SEE YOU!

  38. J says:

    I had a great two hours with Olivia, she has a great little body and fun personality.

  39. Das Wampire says:

    Marvelous… Excellent… Effervescent… “Better than Cats!”

    It is not very often one chances to meet an extraordinary person. Olivia is what makes this complicated game worth playing. An oasis for the weary traveller. She’s a genius and should be rich!

  40. Andy says:

    Had wonderful two hours on Saturday with Olivia and Priya. Sensational. Thanks Maya as always for great attention.

  41. Sol says:

    Wow.. I had Olivia 2 weeks ago.. and all I can say is wow. She has bubbly personality and is easy to talk to.. then she is so much fun in bed.. She really does like sex and that kept me going like crazy.. At the end I asked her who should pay who now 🙂 She really made me feel like a stud!! I really enjoyed immensely.

  42. Felipe says:

    I just wanted to say Olivia, so beautiful. Truly a queen.

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